Friday, 24 December 2010

Oh christ, another Sonic staute from First4Figures..

First4Figures have just revealed on facebook that they have another large Sonic statue in the works which will be ready for pre-order on the 28th of December, and it's none other than Metal Sonic, with glowing eyes! We haven't seen what level the stand will be based on, Now hold on guys, what about the Super Sonic? They still haven't even charged me for it yet let alone sent it out. The wait is becoming unbearable. With that in mind expect this new statue to be shipped out by 2015. Maybe.

These things cost so much, but really: if I was only allowed to own a few pieces of Sonic merchandise, a set of these statues would be them. Plus Metal Sonic is personally my all time favorite character from the series so resisting this will be very difficult. My poor wallet!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sega Fan Art of the Year 2010

Now that the Sega Memories DeviantArt group has been around for about a year, here are some of my personal favorites that are featured at the gallery and were submitted to DeviantArt throughout this year.

More after the jump!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Must read Yu Suzuki Interview at 1UP

Yu Suzuki is the man. He has unfortunately been rather inactive in the gaming world ever since Shenmue tanked, but he is truly the king of arcade gaming, innovating the field time and time again during the 80's and 90's. James Mielke, who works at Q Entertainment has interviewed Yu Suzuki for 1UP and the first part, talking about the early days of his career amongst other things, is up right now with further installments coming up later in the week. It's defiantly worth checking out.

EDIT: Part two is up now. in this part we get a lot of info on the production of Shenmue, why Suzuki has been so quiet lately, and some rather fascinating insights into the production of Space Harrier.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Sonic Colours Pre-Order Figure...with Wisps!

If you are reading this blog, own a Wii and have not played Sonic Colours yet, why are you reading this blog? Go grab this game because it's actually rather good. Not even just rather good but rather brilliant. I know, I was shocked too. I haven't enjoyed a Sonic game this much from beginning to end since probably Sonic & Knuckles, and somehow even the writing and voice acting is light years ahead of "Watch out you're going to crash ahh!" of the Dreamcast days. Blimey.

As many may recall there was a pre-order bonus for this game in America was that now infamous Sonic hat (so much so that there was a whole ice rink of Sonic mad hatters tripping about for the games' launch), but elsewhere in the world we got this figure (above) instead. In Australia and possible some other countries the game came in a special edition box of the game with the figure, but here in the UK it was given in a little bag stapled together by some cardboard and was only available from the catalog store Argos. More after the bump..

Sunday, 5 December 2010

10" Sonic and the Sonic PVC 6-pack!

 As 2010 comes to an end, so too does a great year for Sonic toys! This year we saw toymaker Jazwares make a huge step up in quality and number of new figures. Meanwhile, First 4 Figures covered the collectible side of things with an awesome Super Sonic statue and a great collection of PVC figures. Today I thought I'd highlight two recent acquisitions: Jazware's 10" Sonic and First 4 Figures PVC 6-pack!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Premium Pack!

While SEGA's Sakura Taisen franchise is insanely popular in Japan, having a number of main series games and spin-offs spanning the Saturn era through to the Dreamcast and Playstation 2, it has had little presence in English speaking regions. The fifth game in the series, Sakura Taisen V: Farewell, My Love, hit the Japanese PS2 in 2005. It wasn't until 5 years later that the game received a very unexpected English language version. The PS2 received a handsome special edition box (America only from what I can tell) while the Wii received a standard version (which hit both America and Europe). While the game released back in March, it wasn't until this weekend that I got around to picking up a copy for $30 at GameStop, marked down $10.

So what does this awesome box contain? Let's take a look!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloweekend from SEGA Memories!

Check out the consoles Eggman pumpkin I carved! I considered doing one more accurate to his game appearance, but in the end I free styled and gave him AoStH eyes and a totally goofy smile. I'd imagine he's saying "I hate that Hedgehog! Hurdurrr!". Doctor Eggpumpnik, as I've named him, is currently shriveling on our balcony, becoming more and more rotten as the days go by. I'm sure it's what he would have wanted. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sonic NBA Jam!

a plaid couch doesn't make for a great backdrop
I'd like to say that I have a nostalgic tale to tell about the above t-shirt, but truthfully I recently bought it in an eBay impulse buy. Now usually I try not to go for stuff like children's clothing and plushies, mainly because I have to retain a shred of manliness. However this shirt is an exception. Why? Read more to find out!

Monday, 18 October 2010

A SegaWorld Coin, and a rather jammy story.

Here's an interesting story sent in to me via e-mail by a reader called Daniel recently.

"Back when I was about 9 I was invited to Sega World by my friend. His dad was the manager of it back then so I could spend the day there as the official ride and game tester! I was given lots of these Sega World gold coins that let me play anything I wanted for free. From time crisis to a trackball version of sonic (in Japanese) to a bobsleigh game played in bobsleighs I spent all of these coins. Except one. This one..."

"As I couldn't find any info about them on the net I thought I would share with you this rare piece of sonic memorabilia!"

Thanks Daniel! Now I'm just a bit jealous of that Sega related moment of your childhood.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Sonic OVERLOAD: 74 Happy Meal Toys

There are eBay auctions, and then there are Totally X-Treme eBay Auctionz! This one is the latter. Just look at that! I have no idea who would need that many Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Happy Meal toys, nor would I have any idea how one came across that many. The price is actually decent: between $20 and $40 depending on bidding or buy it now. Unless you plan to resell the toys to make a profit, or are some crazy conceptual artist who wants to make a sculpture out of these, I see no reason for one to place a bid. Still, they make for a great photo.

Note: despite there being 74 toys, it still is not a complete set. Tails is M.I.A.

Original auction:

Monday, 11 October 2010

Sonic Topps Trading Cards: The Best and the Weirdest Stickers

Back in 1993 when Sonic ruled the merchandising world, a major trading card company called Topps joined in the fun and released a sixty-six card set of Sonic cards. While I only just recently picked up a complete set off eBay, I remember vividly buying as many packs as I could when the cards released. Sadly, I was only able to obtain half the set and since then the little case holding the cards was lost in the shuffle of growing up. However the cards do still exist somewhere in my parents house, perhaps in the same box that contains my Sonic 1 and 2 strategy guides and official Sonic Archie comics art. But enough crying about my misplaced SEGA treasures, lets take a look at the cards!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Toys"R"Us Shows Sonic & SEGA Some Love

I felt like a kid in some kind of store!
Just as things were looking grim for Sonic and SEGA at my local Toys"R"Us, a recent visit brought with it a surprising number of new items! Last month I checked in on the video game figures aisle only to find that Sonic had been relegated to a foot length of shelving, with the only toys available being Knuckles in an ATV and a dozen werehogs. But enough about the sad past, the Sonic and SEGA section is bumping! Let's check out what is new in the world of figures and take a closer look at what I bought!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Modern Remix

Consider this a mini SEGA Fan Art Showcase. Inspired by the official "cover" art for the soon to be digitally released Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, I decided to make an Episode 2 cover by using assets from modern games. I used the CG renders from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for Sonic, Tails and Eggman's face, while Eggman's hand is actually from his Sonic '06 render. The "2" was made with the SEGASONIC font found at the excellent site ACT SELECT and was given the 3D look in Illustrator CS4 using the 3D extrude and bevel tool. The rest was all done in Photoshop. I would like to spend a little more time on it, but it's not too shabby for under an hours work. Check out a larger version of the remix after the jump!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Eggman Takes Revenge

My ugly plaid couch makes the perfect backdrop
Just when I thought Jazwares gave me all the figures I could need, they reeled me back in with the awesome 2-pack titled "Dr. Eggman's Revenge". Included in the pack are Eggman (obviously) and some sort of robotic Sonic made of metal. How do these figures stack up? More after the jump! Or "more after the homing attack", depends on your preference.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Four Big Hedgehog Photos

 While sorting through my iPhoto library I came across four photos of moments in which I saw big Sonic the Hedgehogs. Rather than let these photos collect digital dust I thought I'd post them here and write some words inbetween each photo to, ya' know, make it look like an article. Nullam sapien eros, facilisis vel, eleifend non, auctor dapibus, pede.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

SegaShiro Podcast Episode 3: featuring the Gagaman!

So this Sunday I decided to jump in on the third episode of SegaShiro's new but already essential podcast and today the podcast is finally online to go check out. We chatted about what we have been playing (in my case that new Scott Pilgrim game), Sonic Adventure (though that ended up becoming a general Sonic 3D games discussion) and movie/license games.

I think I was actually a little nervous at some points lol, not sure if that shows in the final edited podcast as I am just about to listen to it, but I had fun chatting with DarrenIndeed (who I met at Summer of Sonic), DJ Bob Fresh (whos video reviews I've been a fan of for some time) and Arby Wan Kenobi. I would defiantly up for joining in on this another time.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

SOS '10 Videos Part 4: Crush 40 Live

So here we are at the last of the four SOS 2010 videos I will be uploading. Here we have some of the best bits from Crush 40's live performance at the end of this years Summer of Sonic. I didn't film the whole thing because I knew many others would be and with better camera and steadier hands, and I was right: just search for crush 40 on Youtube and you can watch the entire thing from more angles than you could possibly ever need.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

SOS '10 Videos Part 3: The Cosplay Contest

There was just so many cosplayers this year that it was hard to include all the footage of them walking onto the stage to be judged into one video! Thanks Youtube for increasing your time limit to 15 minutes! I did have to cut out all the bits where people had to cheer for their favorites, as well as the part with the top 5 being voted down to 3. Still, you get to see every single cosplayer (bar the winning Rouge from last year who was there but didn't enter the contest) that attended the event here.

If this event was evidence of anything it's that there are a LOT of fans of Shadow, as more people dressed up as him than anyone else. We need more Sonics next year guys! Tomorrow will be our last video: the Crush 40 live performance!

Monday, 16 August 2010

SOS '10 Videos Part 2: Never Mind the Buzzbombers Quiz

Four our second video here is some highlights of the 'Never Mind the Buzzbombers' Quiz, a Sonic themed take on the BBC music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks, in case you wasn't aware. Like that show there was an intros round where one of the team had to imitate a Sonic tune and the others had to guess, and there were also some quick fire question rounds. It's not in the video but the winning prize was a rather spiffing Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics snowboard!

The highlight for me had to be when when one of the questions was about a comic I drew for Sumo Digital at last years SOS. You will hear my girlfriend shouting out about it! We have two more videos coming up this week of the cosplay contest and of course Crush 40's live performance!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

SOS '10 Videos Part 1: Summary and Intro show

As promised I have a few videos of this years Summer of Sonic to treat you with. Of course there is already possibly hundreds of videos of the event online, many of which are most likely a whole lot less wobbly and covered in the backs of peoples noggins, but you may get some kind of enjoyment out of it with any luck.

We journey from the queue outside into the Pavillion where we check out the goodie bag, have a look around at what there is to check out at the booths and the like, then about 20 minutes after arriving inside the introduction show begins, featuring some guy doing the caramelldansen dance thing, which is a bit odd.

I also put together that artwork at the start of the video, which you can see in full below (click it)!

The second video will be online tomorrow!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

It's a SEGA PC Kid's Meal!

 Back in 1999, when you thought "SEGA" you inevitably thought "Dreamcast". With the impending September launch, Dream-hype was seen anywhere and everywhere... except at the Califronia based fast-food chain Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box, oddly enough, had featured a SEGA Kid's Meal in 1999 that focused on SEGA's PC games. Guess they didn't get the memo.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

SOS '10: The Merchindise in the Glass Box!

Just like last year there was a 'No Merch Zone' present, which consists of a large glass cabinet of Sonic related treasures. There was some of the same stuff from last year but mostly completely new stuff, so here's a bunch of photos. Apologies the photos are not quite so good this time but you'll get the idea. Check them out after the jump..

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

SOS '10: The Cosplayers

There was close to one thousand people attending Summer of Sonic this year. With a fanbase as huge as Sonic's you're going to get your bad eggs and sadly the whole lot often gets painted with the same brush, but when being amongst the awesome people that gathered together for this event the stereotype of Sonic fans being furrie sexual weridos just faded away. You couldn't meet a more friendly, talented and fun to hang out with lot. You can call them nerdy and eccentric all you like but they're having fun and doing no one any harm so there.

Case in point: the few fans that are so dedicated they came cosplaying as their favorite characters. There was a LOT more people dressed in their custom made outfits this year than previously, and there was a lot variety to the characters represented. Let's start with the first one that stood out and i had to grab a shot of pretty much minutes within entering the Pavilion..

Big the cat! She has a fishing rod, a froggy puppet and did an excellent impression of the pointless but lovable character! More after the jump!

Monday, 9 August 2010

SOS '10: The Swag

Instead of making a couple huge articles like last year, I'm going to be posting a bunch of shorter articles about last Saturday's brilliant Summer of Sonic convention. Safe to say they really outdid themselves this year. To kick off, here's what I brought back from there. A bit silly that I'm starting my coverage with the last photo I took but never mind!


So a bulk of it is from the goodie bag that was given away to the first few hundred entrants with tickets (people without tickets couldn't even get in until an hour or two after it opened! Sucks to be them I guess :E). My girlfriend also got a ticket just before the registration ended because she wanted to tag along even though she's not that big into Sonic (she enjoyed it though, so that's a relief lol) and when we entered from the HUGE queue we got the last bag! However they did have hundreds more of the highlight of the bag; the Metal Sonic figure, to give away to people that entered (tickets or not I believe) right through till about 4pm. More after the jump..

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Summer of Sonic is imminent!

Summer of Sonic kicks off in The Pavilion, Shepherd's Bush, London this Saturday and you can expect to see coverage of the event throughout next week (providing I get time as I'm currently rather busy for this and next week) including plenty of photos and videos. For those not in the know, here's some of the excellent stuff to expect:
 Free Metal Sonic Toy!
Last year the freebie as we got in the door was a neat little Sonic art book, but this year they have really outdone themselves. The first 750 entrees with a ticket will be getting this yet to be released mini Metal Sonic figure from First4Figures! This is one of the three new 3" toys they will be releasing later this year to sit along side the Sonic, Knuckles and Tails ones they made last year. There will also be a box set of all six in the near future if you have not picked up the others yet. The other two new figurines consist of Super Sonic and Amy Rose!

Sonic 4 and Sonic Colours (Wii and DS) Playable!
Yep, not one but all three of the currently known upcoming Sonic releases will be there to test out! This includes the much awaited (and debated) Sonic 4 and both the DS and Wii versions of Sonic Colours, the next in the main line 3D Sonic games. I'm personally looking forward to trying both out: Colours looks like it's taking everything that worked in Unleashed and ditching all the annoying stuff to give us a simple fun new Sonic with no werehogs, no medal collecting and no need to endlessly boost everywhere! The DS version appears so far to be essentially Sonic Rush 3. Sonic 4 is well, Sonic the Hedgehog Number 4.

All-Stars Racing Tournament!
All-Stars was playable in an early form last year at SOS and since then the game has been released (and was awesome btw) and this year you can see if you can be hailed the All-Stars racing champion! I bet most people will be playing Alex Kidd, Ryo, Shadow....bascilly anyone on bikes. We shall see!

Crush 40 Performing!
Jun Senoue and his band are one of the major players in Sonic's musical history, producing the soundtracks to a large portion of the franchises existence, and at SOS this year we will get to hear them live, ask them questions in an interview and even a instrumental jam session with Jun at tea time! For me at least this sure beats seeing that Bentley Jones guy performing, who I'm not a fan of by any means (I'm trying to be polite here lol).

Nigel Dobbyn returns!
One of the leading artists from the UK Sonic the Comic, Dobbyn was at SOS last year selling many of his original artwork. Unsurprisingly most if not all of it sold out, so this year he will be selling newly drawn prints like this little beauty here (above)! He will be there like last year for a chat and to get whatever you like signed. The guy is a mega talented artist so even if you never read the comic you should check him out!

That (in my opinion) the highlights for this year, and there is bound to be more surprises too so if you're going to be there I might see you there (just look for this git on the left, above) and if not look forward to checking out our coverage! :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Classic Sonic comics online for all to read!

Some recent developments in the Sonic fan community have lead to some rather brilliant content involving old Sonic comics. First off we have a website dedicated to bringing us translated scans of the rare Sonic Manga series that kicked off to advertise the first game and went on to feature lots of odd characters including early versions of Amy Rose and Charmy Bee, or all things.
A new page is being uploaded every day and while the translation can sometimes leave a bit to be desired (Did those badniks really just tell Sonic to f*ck off? MegaDora, really?), just the fact that someone has gone to the effort to hunt down these much sought after old Japanese comics and probably pay big money for them, and rather than keeping them to his greedy little self has scanned them for all to see with a translation too, is a rather honorable feat.The art in the comic is nice, and there are many things in it that originate from early Sonic concepts that got axed from the game, like the band of animals and the fact Sonic has fangs in some drawings amongst other things.

Next up is an even newer website that has popped up to give us a weekly dose of Sonic the Comic, the UK published series that was going from 1993 to 2001. You guys already know about my love for this comic seeing as i grew up with it, and there has been scans available online in the past of just about every issue (and fans have been keeping the comic going with the Online continuation), but this is a much more convenient way of just checking out the issues without having to download a torrent or something. An issue will be posted on the website every week and only one issue is up so far but especially if you have never read this comic before you should defiantly keep an eye on it every week.

What made Sonic the Comic so excellent in it's first few years was that it not only had stories about Sonic (which to be honest take about 10 issues to really get any good), but also stories about many other Sega games such as Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Ecco and many, many more. Each issue also had news, previews, reviews and cheats for the latest Sega games at the time, so it was like a fortnightly mini-magazine as well. So make sure you check these two websites out on a regular basis if you want some Sonic and Sega comic strip goodness outside of the only still-running series that is the American Archie series.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Sonic Spinball @ Alton Towers

Sonic Spinball
So this weekend me, my parents and my girlfriend spent the weekend up at Alton Towers, where we stayed in one of the hotels in the park, went out for some lovely pub dinners in the local village and larked about in the park and water park. But this is Sega Memories so let's get straight to the point: the Sonic Spinball ride. It opened this year, as did a Sonic themed hotel room (we didn't stay in that) and we had a go on it. Impressions and photos of the ride and the general Sonic-ness added to the park after the jump!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Classic Amy and co, all the way back from Vegas..

So my parents were in Las Vegas last month and visited the Gameworks arcade while there. Recently there was news that about half of these places were being shut down, but this is apparently not one of them, in fact they were building more stuff for it including a Sonic themed kids area. Alreday there was a Sega Shop full of Sonic goodies, they snapped a couple pics of the display (see above) Hit the jump for more...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

More of my Sonic collection!

Another trip to my parents house meant another chance to rummage through boxes for more of my Sonic collection! Just like last time, it's a whole assortment of goodies from the early 90's through to today. Let's look, shall we?

Above you can see a collection of bubble gum containers. Sonic, in his classic pose, pops off the back of his head to reveal... nothing! He used to hold a bunch of little Chiclet-like bubble gum pieces, but I chewed those up years ago. The Game Gear bubble gum cases are very cool. Inside each container was a few sheets of pink gum (long gone) as well as an assortment of Game Gear and Genesis tricks and tips cards. From what I can tell, there were three sets: two collections of Game Gear tips and one collection of Sonic 3 and Knuckles tips.

More stuff after the break!

Monday, 28 June 2010

French commercials! Why not?

Remember ages back when we showed you a European commercial that made the game Gear look as though it ran Mega Drive games? Well this commercial from France isn't quite in that leauge of false advertising but it's still a blatant lie. The ad is for Sonic Complication and features footage of Sonic 1, 2 and 3. Sonic 3 wasn't on this cart at all, it had Robotniks Mean Bean Machine as it's third game. Yeesh. The commercial uses clips from that 'Sonic the Ride' animation most of us saw for the first time on Sonic Jam, a collection that did have Sonic 3. Man there's been so many Sonic collections now it's hard to keep up.

Let's rewind a little to this commercial from France for Sonic 1. There's a few of these ads with some biker punk straight out of Fist of the North Star getting pummeled by random things (here's one for Moonwalker, and another for Revenge of Shinobi), but this one is most notable for the I presume beta footage of the game with some very odd differences like the first boss having a spinning red ball and a spring shooting out really far. I'm sure Sonic Retro already analyzed the hell out of this footage but for those who haven't seen it before it sure is bizarre.

I suspect both the previous and this slightly later campaign cost Sega Europe a lot of money, what with all the explosions and special effects. This one above kind of reminds me of the pretentious Sega launch ad we had in the UK, only this is for the Terminator and looks like it almost cost as much as the movie itself to make. Here's a similar one for that crappy Indiana Jones game, and another for Super Monaco GP.Throw tons of money into a commercial = make tons of money! That's the 90's Sega way! Didn't that tactic work out well? :S

Finally here's an ad of a doll being crushed by a over priced pointless pain to set up mushroom shaped lump called a Sega 32X. Oh, and the slogan for all these commercials translates out to 'Sega is stronger than you'. Probably because every commercial involves the player getting his arse kicked. I guess it's still not as obnoxious as the pissing contest Sega had against Nintendo in America..

Did i mention I just picked up a 32X recently, a well as a Pico? Oh wait, I've been a lazy bum and have been letting Barry do all the work around here recently, haven't I? :E

My Big Fat Sonic Comic Book Collection

Over the past week I had been on vacation in my home state of Minnesota. Whilst there I did a lot of things that are unrelated to this blog, however I did make it a point to find as many of my Sonic and SEGA collectibles that I could. I found a lot of goodies, and will be featuring them here at SEGA Memories over the next week. The first of these many posts will be of my Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Adventure Series) comic book collection. Let's have a look at these suckers!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

First 4 Figures jump on the Super Sonic bandwagon

Remember First 4 Figures? Of course you do, they do those lovely Classic Sonic styled models that generally completely outclass most of the modern figures. As well as that, they do highly elaborate (and expensive) statues of characters, not least including one of Sonic. Well, now they're planning to release another large statue. No prizes for guessing who!

It looks rather fantastic really - the base is an especially nice touch (I'm assuming it's meant to represent Sonic 2's Death Egg). But unless you have $140 dollars spare, this is the epitome of a luxury purchase. For an extra $20, you can also get something a bit... brighter.

Whilst the price might be outrageous (these are rather high-end statues, after all), it's nice to see Super Sonic finally getting some merchandise based acknowledgement. Perhaps the next range of smaller models from F4F will include Super Sonic as well?
More information here and here.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

ToyFare Magazine Reveals Upcoming SEGA Figures

Thanks to the good people at the Sonic Stadium forums, we've got some great news on upcoming figures that not only cover Sonic but also reveals two more IPs. The article also shows off the 3-inch Super Shadow and Super Sonic, who is finally not simply a yellow version of a regular Sonic figure. Jazwares product developer Joe Amaro revealed the following tidbits:
  • Big, Froggy, Vector and Espio will be joining the 3-inch line
  • More 'Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing' figures are to come including Amigo and Aiai, making this Amigo's first action figure appearance
  • 'Sonic 4' figures are being considered (please give us a giant Egg Mobile)
  • Jazwares hopes to bring fans both retro and current style Sonic figures

I hope we can expect more than two All-Stars figures. A Ryo motorcycle figure would be awesome!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

So, there's a new Sonic Sticker Book out in the UK..

If you regular any of the Sonic fan sites you will have heard about this. It actually took me a while to track one down from a WHSmith because it turns out the stores all keep them behind the till because they reckon kids will steal them. Doesn't explain the piles and piles of football stickers all over the stores, but whatever. Basically if you're in the UK still looking for one ask at the till. Not in the UK? Ebay's your best bet.

(Left) 1994 Album (Right) 2010 Album. Like you needed to be told that.

But is the album even any good? I've only just bought one and some stickers today but we'll have a quick look, and unfairly compare it to an almost complete 1994 Sonic sticker book after the jump.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Sonic Watches: Time To Be Cool!

Direct from the parents comes another Sonic item found in the dark recesses of my old bedroom. Last time I showcased a box full of goodies, this time I only have a watch to share, but what a cool watch it is!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Ebay hunt: Early 90's Sonic UFO Catcher

Thought I'd start preserving photos of really nice Sega related things I've seen come and go on Ebay from time to time before the auction vanishes from the site. Recently I stumbled upon this beauty with a starting bid of £100. it sold last week for about £206, which is not a lot of money for a full scale arcade machine you'd never normally find in the UK. Had i been working on my dream of having my own personal arcade I would have been fighting for this, but alas that's a project I'd probably have to save for when I'm going through my mid life crisis many years from now.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Shenmonth: Shenhua Promo Figure

For those who don't follow all of the Sega Network blogs (you should, they're all awesome!), I recently kicked off a month long celebration of 'Shenmue' called Shenmonth. Catchy or stupid name: you be the judge. As a part of Shenmonth, I wanted to show off a recent aquisition of mine. The Shenmue Shenhua promo figure!