Friday, 21 May 2010

Sonic Watches: Time To Be Cool!

Direct from the parents comes another Sonic item found in the dark recesses of my old bedroom. Last time I showcased a box full of goodies, this time I only have a watch to share, but what a cool watch it is!

Still sealed in its package, this item dates back to 1994 and was manufactured by Innovative Time Corp. Like most kids watches of the day, the face features a fat hunk of plastic that flips open to reveal a simple digital face. The package itself features a rather wonky image of Sonic. Ignore the face and look at the body, since when did Sonic have such fatty forearms?

As seen above, the watch cover is a rather cool 3D representation of the classic Sonic pose, gotta love that checkerboard background.

Above Sonic is an absolutely insane Robotnik. Seriously, the guy is well beyond the realm of "I hate that Hedgehog".

Below is Tails, who also seems rather annoyed at our hero. Perhaps Sonic did something so heinous that both Robotnik AND Tails have reason to be displeased.

The back of the package, seen above, reveals that there are at least two more watches to be had. I know for a fact that I have the one on the left. The one on the right can be seen on the front of the package in a detail view. I've found an image of the watch on the left, courtesy of Sonic Gear. It also seems that Sonic Gear doesn't know too much about these watches. Guess I'll have to clue them in by sending a link to this post. Hi guys! Hope this helps!

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