Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sega Art Book of Sheer Beauty Part 3: Wallpapers!

The same images you just saw the scans of, but now as wallpapers. They are all 1280 X 1024, so if they're too big just shrink and if they're too small, sorry! I could maybe make bigger sized versions of some of them if anyone wants them, but for now these will do.

More wallpapers after the jump!

Japanese Sega Art Book of Sheer Beauty Part 2: Scans!

As I promised here are some full scale scans from that wonderful Sega game illustrations book.

Here's a scanned example of one of the pages, which not only contains all that lovely felt-tip pen colored art from Sonic 1, but also talks of the characters' "charming and saucy nature". Hmm. No doubt the PAL Sonic 1 box art was nicer, though. More scans after the jump.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Japanese Sega Art Book of Sheer Beauty

Now, video game art books are by no means a rare thing in Japan, but Sega ones seem to be few and far between. However, I manged to find this one on Ebay some time ago and won it for about £12. The book contains a variety of artwork from many Mega Drive and Game Gear games, starring the main front cover art as full page spends and littered with character art from the lovely full colour manuals they got over there. More after the jump.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Classic Sonic Figures possibly delayed

Remember those rather fantastic classic style Sonic figures First4Figures announced some time ago? They were listed as due this month (and still are on Play-Asia) but on it now lists them for the 30th of September. Maybe the vague "July" date was just a placeholder but either way it means we've got a wait a bit longer to own what look like the nicest pieces of Sonic plastic ever made.

In other news the 12" limited edition statue of Sonic from the same range is up on both Play-Asia and, with the same date included. Above is a rather fancy picture of it as seen on First4Figures' website, where they state that preorders start on the 31st of this month. Since we saw it in those Toy fair photos it has gained a fancy Green Hill zone-like stand. My wallet is going to HURT when this stuff comes along in a few months time. Either way I've pre-ordered it with as it's £65 (and free postage) rather than the RRP of £85.That website is UK only though so sorry Americans!

Oh yeah, and remember those classic sonic range concept images from Impact Innovations? Well all those images have completely vanished from the website, replaced with simple "Coming soon!" buttons and no PDF file links. At least this most likely means those designs were far from complete and the final toys will look much nicer.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Possibly the greatest Sonic tie in the world (and some caps)

Ok, so that's maybe a exaggeration but it's still rather classy. I remember dad owning this back in the day, and on one day of sorting out from a pile of ties what to sell, my child self made sure he didn't get rid of this one. In all honestly for the last few years I had forgotten I even still had this lying around somewhere, but recently in a sort out of my wardrobe I found it tucked away in the corner where I evidentially never look, next to a pair of Sonic caps I also left down there to be forgotten about. More stuff after the jump.

Boot Sale Season: Another Megadrive Horde

(Apologies again for lack of updates. I actually have quite a back-log of unfinished articles to get working on. This one, for example, should have been posted about 3 weeks ago..)

Sometimes at boot sales you just get lucky. This horde of Mega Drive games here is one of those times. A bloke had a huge huge box full of about 50 Mega Drive games, many very good ones. In the end I picked out 19 of the, leaving the Sonic and sport games that show up all the time. He was selling them a pound each but let me have this lot for £16. Fantastic.

There's a good few games in here I haven't come across often, or at all, outside of Ebay. I had never even heard of Sub Terrania before but picked it up based on the sticker attached that quotes from a magazine: "Most polished gameplay since Gunstar Heroes" or something to that effect. Clayfighter would have been nice to own but sadly I could not get it to work at all. The highlight of the lot is probably Flink, as it's a very hard to find platformer by good old Psygnosis, before they were gobbled up by Sony. Another game of theirs, Puggsy, is also amongst this lot. Other highlights include Ranger-X, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Battletoads and MERCS. Most were mint but a odd game, including Flink, were unfortunately missing their manuals. Oh well.