Friday, 29 February 2008

More First4Figures Classic Sonic Goodness!

Oh wow. Chad at DeviantArt just pointed me towards these two sets of photos (Album 1 and Album 2) that were taken at a recent US Toy fair of not only the three upcoming Classic Sonic toys we saw earlier, but also some new even bigger pieces, including a Sonic "Wii Remote Holder" (a large figure that has a slot in his hand to hold a Wii remote) which according to a sign on the display is not due till July 2009 (I hope that's a misprint), and a even higer Sonic statue of some sort. They're all rather beautiful, yet bound to make my wallet cry with agony. Here are the photos, provided by the website

First off, the three figures we saw before, but in much clearer photos from many different angles. Sonic and Knuckles seem to have swapped names on the stands, though. Doh! Loads more photos after the jump.

Could these be the best representations of the only Sonic characters that matter (except Robotnik) ever made into plastic? Even a lot of the old toys were pretty wonky looking at times, but these figures are as close to perfection as you can get.

Just look at this Wii Remote holder Sonic! He's laughing his tits off all Felix the Cat like! Maybe he still hasn't gotten over the name of Nintendo's new system, like my dad who insists on making the same "Going for a Wii" joke everytime he goes for his daily round of Wii Sports.

Judging by the size of the tails toy on the shelf above, I take it this Sonic statue is rather HUGE. It also appears to be made out of something far heaver than Vinyl like the others. maybe this is a expensive, limited edition statue much like the Nintendo ones First4Figures has produced in the past. Mind you, it could just be a display only statue, in which case I'd be willing to chop off a limb and send it to china for. Eitherway, I don't think my bank account can take this kind of abuse! I have never seen Sonic merchandise of this quality before, my hat is off to First4Figures for soon giving us these works of art. They can have my PIN number, soul and future babies now, if they like!

Sonic in Smash Bros Brawl, Sega Superstars Tennis, that DS Sonic RPG and this new Classic Sonic range is making 2008 turn into some sort of revival year for Sonic finally back on form. You know why that is, don't you?

(and before anyone makes some smart remark about it actually being the year of the Rat, I can't see Roland rat suddenly making a successful come back, can you?)


Nesplayer said...

I ordered the 12 inch sonic Statue and it looks more awesome in this pic, i can't wait till it arrives here! Do you know any info when the small sonic figurines come out?

Nijel said...

I am planning on making a Mario vs
Sonic shrine on the upper left side
of my room using some classic
figurines like these. It's going to
cost me at least $400 to $650 to
build it. I have to wait for the
display glass and reserve the figurines here whenever they are being released.I am going to assume
maybe First 4 will release them
in the summer of 2009.