Sunday, 3 February 2008

More Sonic related collections

What is it about Sonic fans that seems to inspire this all powerful urge to buy lots of stuff with the hedgehog's mug / general image plastered on it? I don't know, but it sure does lead to owning a glorious amount of spectacular and random goods.

So far we've seen Gagaman's, mine and Rhia's collections of Sega / Sonic spending results. All 3 of us are clearly rather deeply disturbed. However, that's not all we have in common. Thus far, all the collections have been
British Sonic ones. So let's mix things up now and check out an American collection. Truth be told, they consist of rather similar things as the other collections but that's not important. Spazz gave me one ginormous composite picture of his collection.

Look at all those Japanese plushes, all those Resaurus figures etc. Of special notice is that 10th Anniversary Sonic statue, which looks rather nice, even though it's trapped in a box. I don't really know what more to write, it's all rather self explanatory. Just scour the photo and revel in Spazz's mighty collection.

A final point though, the majority of this blog now seems to be about the acquisition of Sonic goods. I suggest a rename to 'Sonic Consumer Whores Anonymous'. Aw.


The GagaMan(n) said...

It's certainly been that way for a while hasn't it? Don't worry, i have some non-collecting related posts planned soon.

JaQ Stevenson said...

omg... u see the sonic plush next to all the resausus figures on the right... i would do anything for that... seriously

sonicgacxix said...

OMG! that sonic the hedgehog book thing is awsome