Monday, 5 May 2008

More Sega Pirate TV ads!

The British Sega TV ad campain from the early 90's is under rated on this here internet of ours. Fussy old clips of the American Sega commercials from the same time are everywhere for all to see, but the UK ones are harder to track down. Thanks to the odd Youtuber such as SegaMarkUK and Chrisofthetube though, they are slowly all being dug up again so they can give a new generation of viewers a good headache or a healthy old seizure. To say many of these make little sense and are batshit insane is probably a bit of an under statement.

First off, some huge budget epic, probably shown at half time of footie matches, that has Pirate TV regular Steve O'Donnell AKA Spudgun from Bottom fighting mutant pigs using a mega Drive II and games like Street Fighter II and Shinobi III amongst others, with the mega CD 2 thrown in for good (or bad, which ever way you look at it) measure. "This is the end!...and this is the other end!" Yes, I have no idea what they were thinking with this commercial either.

As if that commercial wasn't baffling enough, here's one for Sonic Spinball that blows your brains out with subliminal nonsense before finally showing off the game itself, all flashing by with rock music in 20 seconds flat.

The Mega Drive Aladdin game next, and much like the last one it whizzes by so quickly you barely get a chance to take anything in. It kind of looks like an episode of the Games master on fast forward. In this case the American ad was actually better because you know, it made sense.

This rather earlier one, when the campaign was a little less noisy, has that bloke on the rotating chair telly thing again talking us through the first Sonic game, which then goes into some odd ninja action scene and some guy that sounds a bit like Benny Hill talking over the top with Monty Python style animation.

Finally, an extended and very high quality transfer of that Mega CD commercial I linked to before, with a whole lot more brilliant animation of the skull character and more shit interactive games being shown off. £270? No wonder no one bought the bloody thing. One again, I have no idea what's going on by the time it goes into some war movie parody, but then again, either do the guys singing in it by the sounds of it. I think this could be the explanation as to way Sega eventually went close to bankruptcy, this commercial must of cost a bomb.

Random odd fact: While Sega had Steve O'Donnell as a regular for their 90's ads. Nintendo in the UK went with another star of Bottom: Rik Mayall. Oo-er.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Didn't you hear? Sega T-shirts are trendy now!

This is pretty old-ish news, anyone who follows Sega related stuff around to no abandon like I do (or just anyone who visits gaming blogs in general) may of already seen these fancy Sega T-Shirts from Japan that are now being sold on London's oxford street in fancy pants clothes shops are generally infested with trendy skinny types with jeans down to their toes. Now you may just end up seeing them walking about with Sonic, Virtua Fighter characters or House of the Dead Zombies hanging from their scrawny hairless chests.

If you decide to hunt these down, you can grab them from a shop called UNIQLO, who have about three stores on oxford street alone, and they'll set you back £13 each or 2 for £20, which doesn't seem like a bad deal for tastefully done game shirt designs with brilliant blocky polygon blokes on them. You can't miss one of these stores as it has huge manga art on the windows at the moment. Of course, you could always just buy them online if you don't want to go mincing around London. More after the jump.