Saturday, 23 May 2009

Sonic the Comic Video Retrospective

There is a lot online to be read about the history of the American Archie published Sonic comic book series, but the British Sonic the Comic series that ran between 1992 and 2001 is rarely talked about outside of a small percentage of the gigantic Sonic fan base. Luckily Youtuber BlackDogBrew has gone out of his way to give us a massive video retrospective of the comic for those who have always been intriged about it. When I mean massive I mean massive, got a couple hours to spare? If not, the very first video gives you a nice summary of the comic's history, before it gets into the stories of each character. Either way I've embedded the entire playlist above.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sega Fan Art Showcase: Space Harrier

You know what the world needs more love for? Space Harrier. Crusty old Nintendo games like Kid Icarus and Ice Climbers get piles of it, so why not crusty old Sega games?

Another work of genius by Persona of the Mecha Fetus Blog.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

MTV Sonic & Knuckles advert disguised as a programme.

Sega in the 90's was 'in' with the MTV generation thing, as seen in this episode of Rock the Rock in which a bunch of kids all with their own international stereotype compete for $25K (just about enough to afford a Sega Multi-Mega/CDX at the time) by playing Sonic & Knuckles located in Alcatraz of all places, though really it's just a 30 minute commercial. Still, it's vagley worth sitting through for the look at the development of the game about 10 minutes in at Sega Technical Institute. See if you can spot the Sonic Extreme concept art! I think I actually remember seeing T-shirts promoting this Sonic & Knuckles contest once. Most embassering moment for anyone involved? The bespeckled kid trying to chat up the female presenter. Oh dear.