Thursday, 24 February 2011

Super Sonic Statue Unboxing Video!

Will post some more photos and impressions soon!

Super Sonic Arrived!

Unboxing video coming up tonight!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

UPDATED: More Sonic 20th action figure photos from a Nuremberg toy expo!

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Hey, more photos of the previously revealed Jazwares Sonic 20th Anniversary action figure line! This time, Jazwares had mock ups of the packaging on display at Spielwarenmesse 2011, a German toy expo that took place last week. Revealed are a number of new hero/badnik packs including: a 90's Sonic and Amy comic book 2-pack, 1992 Tails with Sonic 2's Grabber, 2000 Shadow with a G.U.N. robot, 1994 Knuckles with a badnik (temporary photo shows 2003 Knuckles with an Egg Pawn), the previously seen 2010 Tails with Sandworm from Sonic Colors, 1991 Sonic with Sonic 1's Moto Bug, 2008 Sonic with Sonic Unleashed's Spinner robot and Silver with a fire monster dog thing from Sonic 2006. You can also see the previously revealed Eggman and Robotnik packs, the 10 inch Sonic figure repack plus an obscured Sonic combo pack (probably combining all the "Sonic Through The Years" figures).

After the break, check out the consoles photos, courtesy of! And make sure to check out their original post for more photos of already released figures and a lot of German text.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Early 90's Japanese Sonic Puzzle

This rather nice ebay purchase from Japan showed up this weekend. It was one of those "heck, why not" moments as I've wanted to get some stuff to hang up on my wall, and the puzzle was already built and framed, though the frame doesn't have glass in it but it is sealed up like so much stuff bought from Japan tends to be so that was a bonus. A couple more photos after the jump.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

This Action Figure is BIG!

Silver, Rouge, Cream, Marine, Blaze and Shadow? Forget them! All I wanted was a Big the Cat action figure, and Jazwares delivered. Big the Cat was the star of Sonic Adventure, and the puppet master pulling the strings in Sonic Adventure 2 (as evidenced by his many background cameos). It wasn't until Sonic Heroes that SEGA came to their senses and created Team Big (the game incorrectly refers to it as "Team Rose"). Now, after all those successes, Big has been given the deluxe treatment by way of a Big and Froggy double figure pack.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Former SEGA Employee Selling Awesome Swag On Ebay

Posted by nuckles87 of SEGAbits

A former SEGA employee is selling a load of awesome things he acquired during the Saturn/Dreamcast era. It’s mostly T-Shirts, but it’s all stuff only a SEGA employee could get, so don’t blow it off! Among things currently on sale is a promotional Jet Grind Radio shirt, a “Bernie’s Rangers” Burning Rangers shirt referring to SEGA of America president Bernie Stolar, and a Rent a Hero shirt with logos for every single piece of SEGA hardware ever made, and a Jet Grind Radio Music Sampler promo disc.
You can check it out here.

Barry says: This former employee has a load of awesome items, though I doubt I'll be winning any. Most shirt sizes are XL, and some rather rabid fans are buying up the good stuff for high prices. Still, I've craftily saved every item photo to a folder, so at least SEGA Memories will have these rare items on file.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sonic 20th Anniversary Action Figure Collection Revealed! (drools)

Just when I thought Jazwares has taken all the money they could take from me, they reveal this epic collection! Jazwares is celebrating Sonic's 20th in style by producing figures that span his 20 year career. These photos found online were snapped at JazWares' booth at the 2011 UK Toy Fair. One collection revealed is "Sonic Through Time", which will depict the various designs of Sonic over the years. Photos reveal a 1991 Sonic and a 2008 Sonic, but I'm sure we'll also see a 1999 and perhaps 2011 model as well. Very cool. After the jump, Eggman takes center stage.