Saturday, 5 February 2011

This Action Figure is BIG!

Silver, Rouge, Cream, Marine, Blaze and Shadow? Forget them! All I wanted was a Big the Cat action figure, and Jazwares delivered. Big the Cat was the star of Sonic Adventure, and the puppet master pulling the strings in Sonic Adventure 2 (as evidenced by his many background cameos). It wasn't until Sonic Heroes that SEGA came to their senses and created Team Big (the game incorrectly refers to it as "Team Rose"). Now, after all those successes, Big has been given the deluxe treatment by way of a Big and Froggy double figure pack.

I knew you'd keep reading, after all, this is BIG! Okay, joking aside, this is actually a great figure. Big looks almost identical to his in-game model, and is the best Big yet. Compared to past figures, this one makes those look like bootlegs. Check out this comparison pic from Sonic Gear:

The left is nightmare fuel, and the right looks like Big's dad.
Big has a lot of articulation, despite his girth. His arms move all about, his head pivots and his legs and ankles can be moved into a variety of positions. His waist doesn't pivot, but his tail can turn about. All this articulation can lead to some pretty wild poses:

Balancing on one foot!
Attempting the Sonic Adventure cover art pose
Lifting a Dreamcast game with ease.
The Froggy figure is more of an accessory, as he does nothing but sit about. You'll notice that Froggy seems to be sticking to Big. That's thanks to a tiny big of blue tack that I stuck to Froggy's belly, which allows him to sit comfortably on Big's head. Unfortunately for me, while I did pick the best looking Big at the store, I failed to notice that my Froggy had a wonky eye:

Like the Eggman and Metal Sonic two pack, the Big pack features a cool scene. This time of Big's home from Sonic Adventure. Definitely not throwing this away:

Overall, the Big and Froggy figures are one of Jazwares best. Up to par with the Vector and Espio pack. Solid likeness, great articulation and well built. If you're a fan of Big, pick this up. If you're not a fan of Big, I pity you (but understand your hatred).

My cat approves of Big.


The GagaMan(n) said...

I have this too but my ones Froggy doesn't have a wonky eye like that! Wow haha.

chaoscontrol14 said...

Great review, Barry! I still need to get the Big/Froggy pack, but your review made me want it even more! My favorite part of the review was Big being called the star of SA1 and malicious puppet master behind SA2. XD