Friday, 29 February 2008

More First4Figures Classic Sonic Goodness!

Oh wow. Chad at DeviantArt just pointed me towards these two sets of photos (Album 1 and Album 2) that were taken at a recent US Toy fair of not only the three upcoming Classic Sonic toys we saw earlier, but also some new even bigger pieces, including a Sonic "Wii Remote Holder" (a large figure that has a slot in his hand to hold a Wii remote) which according to a sign on the display is not due till July 2009 (I hope that's a misprint), and a even higer Sonic statue of some sort. They're all rather beautiful, yet bound to make my wallet cry with agony. Here are the photos, provided by the website

First off, the three figures we saw before, but in much clearer photos from many different angles. Sonic and Knuckles seem to have swapped names on the stands, though. Doh! Loads more photos after the jump.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A Goldmine of Sega Marketing waffle!

UK: Resistance, the original Sega nutters website and one of the main inspirations behind this blog, have stumbled across a video that pretty much sums up everything that made Sega so huge in the UK back in the 16-bit era, particularly in 1994. This two video spilt into two parts for Youtube and submitted there by Shenmueaddit, gives us a glimpse into all the marketing pies Sega had their fingers in at the time, from TV commercials (Remember the Pirate TV campaign I told you about? You'll see more of it here), radio competitions (Sonic CD music on the radio, folks!), merchandise, that awful Right Said Fred song, the Sega tour buses, the food promotions (Sonic tomato ketchup!), even the sponsorship with Damon Hill!

This, my friends, is why Sega ruled the world (or at least the UK), during my childhood. These videos pretty much sum up what this blog is all about, and the exact kind of content I've been looking for. If anyone can recall and bring up details on any of the stuff seen here (like photos, videos, magazine scans etc), please send it my way and I'll be more than happy to share it here. =)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Sega Fanart Showcase: gsliverfish Special

Michael Stearns (AKA "gsliverfish") is one of those artists on DeviantArt who is rather brilliant at capturing the atmosphere of the worlds you visted in the original Sonic Mega Drive game, including the obstacles you faced along the way. Each of these images seems to perfectly sum up each zone of the game with a distinctive perspective. Just looking at the art gets that levels' music stuck in my head! Make sure you check out his other works too!

More after the jump!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Sonic 6th Birthday event in Hamleys, 1997

Sonic the Comic were good to me. Hell, Sega in general have been good to me as a fan, but Sonic the Comic really did throw some good stuff my way when I was a wee lad. Not only did I win a Sonic 2 patch from them when I sent in some self drawn Sonic comics, get my artwork in an issues Graphic Zone section which won me a watch, but I also manged to win a competition they held in 1997 for a exclusive 6th Birthday party event in London. Only 100 invites could be won and you could take a mate along with you, so there was a total of 200 of us (excluding parents) going to this one-off party.

Here's the invite they sent me when I won. Yes, I still own it. How sad is that? I also have a letter they sent along with it..


Photos of the event after the jump! Whoopie!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Classic Sonic brand is expanding! Oh god.

My wallet! The pain! It's bad enough I just blew £28 on the new Knuckles plush and set of 3 beanies that Play-Asia have started to sell, but now it has been announced that this Classic Sonic brand is expanding out into a vinyl toy series! A company called First 4 Figures, who have previously made rather nice Zelda and Metroid statues (and have quite possibly the slowest website on the planet right now), are dipping their feet into the Sonic licensing pool with a first wave of three figures of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles that are apparently due out around July. Here's the wonderful photos of them in all their 16-bit old school glory:

Wait, did that say FIRST wave? That's means there will most likely be even more to come! Here's hoping the second wave consists of Dr.Robotnik, Amy Rose and Metal Sonic in classic Sonic CD style. If so, HERE'S MY MONEY, TAKE IT.

This blog really was supposed to be about more than just collecting Sonic stuff, but recently they've made it hard to by putting out some of the best Sonic merchandise in years. You can apparently thank Jetix Europe for licensing out this new range, not Sega, which is kind of surprising as Jetix are the ones who screen Sonic X here in Europe. After years of cheap and tacky Sonic X junk, they seem to be treating us to some nostalgia pimping.

EDIT: The First 4 Figures site is working better now, so I've uploaded the bigger, better photos from there.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

More Sonic related collections

What is it about Sonic fans that seems to inspire this all powerful urge to buy lots of stuff with the hedgehog's mug / general image plastered on it? I don't know, but it sure does lead to owning a glorious amount of spectacular and random goods.

So far we've seen Gagaman's, mine and Rhia's collections of Sega / Sonic spending results. All 3 of us are clearly rather deeply disturbed. However, that's not all we have in common. Thus far, all the collections have been
British Sonic ones. So let's mix things up now and check out an American collection. Truth be told, they consist of rather similar things as the other collections but that's not important. Spazz gave me one ginormous composite picture of his collection.

Look at all those Japanese plushes, all those Resaurus figures etc. Of special notice is that 10th Anniversary Sonic statue, which looks rather nice, even though it's trapped in a box. I don't really know what more to write, it's all rather self explanatory. Just scour the photo and revel in Spazz's mighty collection.

A final point though, the majority of this blog now seems to be about the acquisition of Sonic goods. I suggest a rename to 'Sonic Consumer Whores Anonymous'. Aw.

More from Impact's Classic Sonic range, now on Play Asia

If you've walked into a GAME store in recent months, you have most likely seen the classic style Sonic plush toys, which I featured back in December. You'll also remember that there was supposed to be two more characters to the set which no one has been stocking of Knuckles and Robotnik. Well, Play-Asia has started to stock the classic Sonic range and they have Knuckles!

Not only does this mean we can now grab the Knuckles plush that GAME doesn't appear to be ever stocking, but people outside of the UK can buy these toys for themselves. Still no Robotnik in sight, though. I really want to see how that one turns out. To make up for it though, they have something else...

Classic Sonic beanies! Very similar to the plushes but obviously much smaller and er...full of beans, but they're also only about £4 each, so if you're not willing to part with £8 on the full size ones, you could always get these. That's if you're not a completest who must have both sets like me! First that Sonic statue and now wallet is in pain!

It's like a box full of kittens, only not.

Compared to the butt ugly Sonic X plush toys we have seen in the last few years (which I didn't even buy for collectors' sake, they were so bad) these retro styled plushies are rather ace and just how most fans remember the characters from the good old days. Now where's my Robotnik?

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Sonic 15th Anniversary Statue

That Sonic statue I briefly mentioned in the Sega History Collection post arrived in the mail the other day. Hooray! Here's the rather snazzy box it came with. This statue was made by Viz back in 2006 with a limited run of just 2500 of them made. There was a 10th anniversary one back in 2001 as well, but good luck finding that now.

Here's the statue itself, Sonic floating above a sliver stand somehow (Rocket boots? Very high heels?). It's a really nice build, especially when compared to most of the half-arsed Sonic toys they make now for Sonic X. Of course, this isn't really a toy but a proper statue that has quite a bit of weight to it, and wouldn't exactly appreciate being dropped..

More photos after the jump!