Monday, 24 December 2007

NEW Classic Sonic Plush toys! Whoo!

For the last year or so, you may of noticed a bunch of retro style Sonic merchandise being sold in GameStation, including T-Shirts, key rings, wrist bands, badges etc. Well just a couple days ago I was browsing in my local GAME, which being so close to Christmas was naturally packed with people running around like headless chickens because they leave their shopping till the very last minute, and I came across these new retro Sonic plush toys, one of Sonic and one of Tails. According to the back of the box there is also Knuckles and Dr. Eggman ones, but they didn't have these in stock. Best thing was they were only a tenner each, which isn't bad because there not too small and look the part.

Anyway, the queue was about a mile long so I didn't buy them then, but this morning I had another look and most of them had already sold, they only had 2 Sonics and about 5 tails' left, so that convinced me to grab one of each. While I have barely touched any of the modern Sonic X style stuff they have made over the last few years, I'm a sucker for anything that looks like the Sonic I grew up with.

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They're both about 12 inches tall and quite nicely designed despite using simple materials, far more appealing then any of those wonky ugly Sonic X plushes. The eyes on pupils on Sonic soft toys are normally plastic, but these ones are knitted in, which is nice as they don't stick out of the eyes and go wonky over time. Both even have cute buckles on on their shoes.

Sonic is a lighter blue than expected, but it's a nice shade of blue none the less.He's fluffier than the Tails toy, especially his nose and quite a smaller body than Tails. It's a decent likeness to the Mega Drive era Sonic we all know and love, before he went all freaky looking with lanky limbs and that menacing toothy grin.

Tails is, quite simply, adorable. He looks a lot like he did in the old Japanese artwork with a small mouth and shiny big pupils. His Tails (which you can't see in the photos) are much smaller than in older toys, and he more close to a shade of yellow than orange. Unlike Sonic's nose, Tails' nose is a piece of plastic. My only small niggle with the design is the bright yellow colour of his fringe, but it's not that big a deal when the design is a good as it is.

Compare them to these older plush toys I still own:

These toys are developed by Impact Innovations, a toy company who also make all those Mario Kart toys you see about. According to their website, there are going to be many more toys in the "Classic Sonic the Hedgehog" in 2008, including beanies, radio control and track sets. Sadly they have no photos of any of this stuff yet. If you want to buy these Sonic plushes, the only place that seems to stock them so far is GAME. Sonic here and Tails here, they don't seem to have listing for the Knuckles and Eggman ones yet, which is a shame because these are the ones I'm most intrested in, as I don't own any soft toys of those characters at all (I refuse to own the ugly Sonic X ones). I'm going to make sure I find them , though, and when I do you'll be the first to see photos!


Smindas said...

I have a decent SA / SX Knuckles plush, however a classic one would be awesome. Also, Eggman? I'm going to be wasting a lot of money, I can see it now. Cheers for the info.

Kim said...

Hey it's GagaMan!

I love these plushies a lot. Too bad I don't live in Europe haha!

Anonymous said...

Heh. I went Lakeside once and I found the exact same plushies in Game. I got both of them. These are the most detailed plushies I have seen so far. The Sonic one I brought for myself, and my mum brought the Tails one for me. They also didn't have the Knuckles + Eggman ones, I'm looking forward to them. £10 I think is worth it for these plushies.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Well what do you know, I was at Lakeside just the other day, hoping to find the other two. I've looked quite a few places and so far no one seems to stock those two. Bah.

Anonymous said...

(Same Anonymous from before.)

Yup. I had a little look on their website ( - Info with Sonic Plushies.) To as far as my knowledge, they haven't released Knuckles/Eggman here in the UK yet. I'm not even sure if they've been released else where. I'd love to see a picture of either one. Hopefully they will release in the early 2008, since once they release the first 2, the other 2 wont be that far behind.

chanapong said...

sonic x run around video at comtoon blog

Anonymous said...

i Have the sonic plush and it rocks

i baught it from the game shop called "Game" in bridlinghton for 10 quid and it was a really good deal. i keep it as a orniment

pajo said...

I have the best Sonic plush of the world, it's from Sonic X and it's PERFECT, it don't have any deformation and it's practicly new
if you wanna see a picture write me:
sorry for my english

Anonymous said...

Got knuckles tails and sonic plush sitting nicley in my room kisyt waiting for the eggman and then mayb hopefully more charcaters get a release ^^ but no information on eggman anywere

Anonymous said...

i hav sonic, tails and 2day i got knuckles in this awesome set of classic plushes, not the disgusting sonic x ones but hell i want the eggman one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Page Creator, I also have the Knuckles plush as well as the two described above. I write to the company to ask them about the Dr.Eggman plus but they said there hasn't been any demand for him from suppliers, so they have the license off sega but no demand. :(