Thursday, 20 December 2007

I got me art in Sonic the Comic, I did!

I promised I would work on scanning as much interesting stuff out of my Sonic the Comic collection (in 300dpi) as I could, so I made a start tonight. This particular scan below more a personal thing than anything, because it's a scan of when, as a lad of twelve, I got a piece of artwork I drew into the pages of the British Sonic comic, in issue 130 released May 1998, to be exact!
You see the comic had a section every issue called the 'Graphic Zone' which is basically a fancy name for a fan art section. Getting an image in there would win you a little Sonic watch of some sort (worth a tenner). I always liked how one of the optional fields next to your name was what Sega consoles you had. I'd like to think stating you owned a Playstation would have S.T.C send shit through your mailbox. At the time I had a Mega Drive II, Mega CD II, Sega Saturn and a Game Gear. Oh how I miss that battery eating lump of plastic. Why did I sell it off so I could get a Game Boy Colour?

It's not just the fact they printed my art, but they also gave it an entire half-page of space, plus this was for the comic's 5th anniversary so the art is featured in a rather special issue. I'm surprised they didn't give that picture below it the bigger page space though, as it's much nicer. maybe all the white on mine saved on ink. Anyway, here's the watch I won from them, which in all honesty I never wore: it just got packed away with all the other Sonic junk I've got sitting in the loft, still in it's package!

This wasn't the first or only time that I had won something in S.T.C, mind. One time I sent in some Sonic comics I scribbled up (it was pretty much all I did draw at the time, hundreds upon hundreds of Sonic comics), and in return they sent me a Sonic 2 jacket patch...which I don't have a photo of right now, but I'll go get one later and edit it into this post. There was also something else I won from them, but I'll leave that topic for another time..

2 comments: said...

Horah! Huzzah! Actually good job. I had my Picture of Sonic and Knuckles in Sonic The Hedgehog (comic in the US) and i got a watch too. Im just crossing my fingers that I still Have it. (this is Dreamcast Retro From youtube)

Stacey Wheeler said...

You should see what I had drawn for STC, which I don't even it even got printed, even in the last issues. It was of Tails introducing Sonic to Moraine [remember her LOL?] and they're both thinking they're cute, but damn if I could remember, my shitty attempts at drawing at the age of 11-12 were hideous!

There is however that picture of Rayman and Ly I did that ended up being in Big Time in 2001 to make up for that, even though they changed my age from 14 to 13. XD!