Sunday, 30 December 2007

My Sonic Collection is Morbidly Obese.

I got bored yesterday and decided to climb back into the loft and shuffle amongst all the Sonic stuff that is stored up there, and somehow it led to me dragging it all down to take photos of it all together, just to see how much of it I've ended up hoarding onto. There's a few things missing: mainly all the clothing, a bunch of badges and obviously the games, but you'll get the idea that I generally have a feck load of Sonic junk, ranging from toys and books to odd junk like shampoo bottles and an air freshener. I took quite a few photos because this lot took bloody ages to set up. Click to see them in big ol' detail.

Most of this stuff was purchased back when it came out, and after time stored away so it didn't clutter up the place. There is some of the modern Sonic stuff but I don't generally touch any of that mostly ugly Sonic X stuff. A lot of this stuff is nigh on impossible to find now, so I'm glad I kept a lot of it. When I got a lot of this stuff I bought two sets so I could have one packed away brand new and one set to play with. I'm such a geek. =D

Many more photos after the jump.

I even have a bunch of old Sonic Promo posters and cardboard things, which were sitting in the loft so long that I almost forgot they were up there. I can't really remember how I got those but I know the Sonic R one came out of the window of Burger King with a little persistence to the staff. You can't just buy things like that, you have to offer to take it away when they don't need it anymore. It was only going to be thrown away anyway..

I have three of those Sonic 2 patches in total, and a big blue jacket that also has one on the back. I'm not sure how I ended up with that many, but Sonic the Comic sent me one once when I sent them some artwork. I'll have to take some photos of the jackets I've got up in the loft somewhere, they're amazing.

I keep searching for old Sonic stuff like this on Ebay but don't have a whole lot of luck finding any, which is pretty strange as Sonic was pretty darn popular in the UK. Hell, I haven't seen most of this stuff since it came out. But wait, there's more!

For starters, books! They made a lot of books back in the day, including story books, adventure game books, annuals, a sticker album, game guides and even some Where's Waldo style books. There's also some Sonic comic specials and the complete Sega Super Play Trading Card set there.

Next, the comics. Every pile there has 10 issues in it. I have almost every issue except most of the later ones when they had no new stories in them around 2000, just before it was canceled. I did start collecting the American comics soon after that, although I don't have so many of those, probably about 40. I recently ended up selling a bunch of those as I was getting about a tenner each for them from American collectors, and I'm not really that mad on them anyway. The British comics don't seem to be worth anything in comparison, but I like those a lot more.

Finally some other Sega related bits, including all my Sega Saturn and Dreamcast magazines (sadly I didn't keep my Mega Drive era ones), promo videos and...holy crap, SONIC POGS.

Oh, and I almost forgot this set of House of the Dead figures.

Now do you see why I started up this blog?


Stacey Wheeler said...


That is BITCHING! I can spot a few of the things I have myself, like the yearbook and the pencil case. And LOL I remember them flashing yo-yos from Frosties. Good times.

Seeing as you included Sega magazines too, I must ask, do you remember one from 2000 called Mr Dreamcast? That had probably the only magazine competition that I ever won, the 3 Sonic adventure figures I got through the mail was unexpected. :> It was very short lived though, only lasted a few issues until it vanished. I would scan...if I hadn't cut pictures out of it to absolute buggery, I had not long been a Rayman fangirl then [which was weird because the mag had a limbless mascot of the DC swirl but bashed Rayman giving R2 a measly 68/100].

The GagaMan(n) said...

Yeah, I remember that magazine, but never actually found copies of it. Quite a few of my older mags are chopped up to pieces as well!

Caleb said...


That's a great many blue Hedgehogs.

The only Sonic stuff I have that isn't games or game inserts is a mcdonalds toy LCD video game thing where you play Shadow the Hedgehog grinding down rails.

It still has power!

It's not that great of an LCD game though. It only has one button to jump and that's it.

Rocket Punch! said...

First of all, excellent collection! I'm most impressed by all the oldschool Sonic stuff.

Secondly, could I ask a HUGE favor of you? In the eleventh image (the first of all the Sega magazines), there's a copy of the Sega Saturn magazine in the top row with a picture of Sonic running on the cover and "Sonic R" labeled as one of the main features. Is it possible that you could scan that cover for me? That looks like an awesome image, and I don't think I've ever seen it before.

Thanks a lot in advance, dude. :)

Rocket Punch! said...

Cancel that request, went through the archives and found a scan of it already! ;)

The GagaMan(n) said...

How convenient! I simply found that scanned image on google search. I may do some proper high res scanning in the near future of Sega magazines, though.

Smindas said...

That Sonic R issue is the only Saturn magazine I ever bought (I never actually owned a Saturn, but I couldn't resist grabbing the Sonic R preview :o).

By the way squire, if you ever need to get rid of any of that stuff, I'd be more than happy to give it a new home ;P

Rico said...

Man I remember those adventure gamebooks! I think I had about five of them, I remember the theme park panic one so well!

Do you by any chance have one of the Sonic and Knuckles disposable cameras that kids featured in the mag got? If I ever found mine I bet some collectors would love it!

The GagaMan(n) said...

I remember the camera you're talking about, but I never owned one as far as I can remember (and if I did I must of er...disposed of it). By the time I finally got something featured in the comic they were giving out watches instead.

Sonic Fan said...

VERY nice Sonic collection! I also have a huge Sonic collection (I posted 2 links to them on some other person's Sonic collection pics on this site). I have most of the items in that pic too. ^_^