Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Been there, done that, worn the t-shirts.

Why just play Sonic games, read Sonic books and comics, listen to Sonic music and use Sonic shampoo when you could also wear Sonic clothes to really show Sega owns your soul? I know I had quite a lot of Sonic clothing when I was a kid, that's for sure. I remember having a jacket covered in Sonic patches when I was about seven, and when I grew out of the jacket I had my gran stitch the patches onto a new jacket. I can't remember a time I didn't have any sonic shirts, I made sure my mum bought the ones they only did in adult sizes long before I could fit in them, presuming I'd still want them once I was in my teens. I remember having some of the T-shirts shown in this ad I found in an issue of S.T.C.

I had that one in the bottom right corner for sure. That one was great because it was all pixelated up like the first game and has the Lives/Score/Rings hud on the arm. I remember also owning a Spring Yard design of some sort that had Sonic transforming from his sprite to full artwork while bouncing off a spring. It was awesome.

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I actually still own a couple pieces from way back then, which I kept as collectors pieces and have rarely worn, currently stored away. They're both heavy jackets covered in patches. I'm not sure how I got these but I do know these are pretty hard to find now and I have seen one of them go for decent money on Ebay before. Here's some pics..

This blue has that Sonic 2 patch I have so many of, along with a huge S on the front, a Sega logo patch on one arm, and two character patches on the other. Wait, does that say 'Professor Robotnik'? Never mind.

And then there is the red Coca Cola one. Again, no idea where it came from, but there was a cap that went with this too, which I don't seem to own anymore. There's another Sega patch on one arm, a Coca Cola one on the front and other arm, and a big patch on the back of Sonic holding one of those old glass bottles.

In the last couple years there it has become somewhat of a fad to like retro video games, and this has been taken advantage of with tons of new clothing based on Mario, Pac Man and Space Invaders. Sega has jumped on the bandwagon by licensing out retro Sonic art to be plastered onto a whole truck load of T-shirts. Here in the UK they're mostly found in Gamestation and GAME, and I have about eight designs now after getting a load more this Christmas. They use a lot of the same artwork multiple times and have that fake-tattered look to them.

At the moment, Play.com sell three designs at the moment for £8 each. GAME currently only have one design for £10 on the website, and Gamestation 's website has lots of designs but not a single one in stock, as they were selling them off at a fiver each with a three for two offer on top of that. No doubt they'll be new designs later this year, though.


Caleb said...

Gagaman(n) you need to wear one of those jackets and take a picture of yourself striking a pose.

The internet demands it!

Rocket Punch! said...

Sega and Coca-Cola, the only two brands I ever really sold my soul to. How do I not own that jacket? It's really a testament to my necessity to save money that I haven't started searching eBay for this...

TrueSegaFan said...

I've got the first one =) the blue one in great condition. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 =) I was so lucky and found it on ebay.It's not just very rare.. it's ULTRA very rare.I think i'll keep it for myself as SEGA's history ^^ It's M size and it fits me =) cause my clothes size is M .I'm so lucky!

Brian said...

Sweet! If I had a SEGA jacket, it would be my main jacket.

Anonymous said...

Guys... I was given one of these jackets when I owned a game store. It was given to me by a SEGA Rep. I am interested in selling it. Any takers?