Wednesday, 9 January 2008

My Sonic collection is fairly moderate

Gaga's not the only one who can arrange a decade's worth of Sonic related stuff and take photos of it, clearly. Now, one thing that is obvious is Gaga has far more stuff than I ever will, partly because he's older and was around for slightly more of the stuff, partly because I have lost a handful of things on the way and partly because he has deep issues that have materialised in the form of blue hedgehog memorabilia. Of course, if that's what having issues entails, I'm all for it. Now, I was far less comprehensive about this than Gaga, so I know I've definitely omitted a few things and I've generally just been quite lazy about it. Also, I know there are few things I used to have that have gone walkies, but are ultimately around my house somewhere. I remember specifically having the Sonic pencil cases and two different Sonic rulers(!), the staples to any nerds stationary needs.

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So you know, you've got your expected things. Figures, plushes, lots of games, books, videos and then some random other crap. Displayed are only the Archie comics I have because I have far too many Sonic the Comics to display. As you can see, there are a handful of StC related free gifts in the photo, like stickers, rub on tattoos, some rubbish little space disk flicker thing etc. There's also a Sonic I made out of those... bead things... you arranged them and ironed them together? I've forgotten the name. And the SA style plush talks. It's magical.

I think I have most, if not all my Sonic games in the picture. I'm missing a few that I actually want and I decided not to include the games I only have the cartridges for. Really, most of the stuff in the pictures is fairly self explanatory, however there are a few materialistic red herrings.

Firstly are these guys. I got them off eBay for about a fiver, they came in a nice box (that can be seen in the above photos) which was in scruffy condition when I received it. I think they were a small promotional item for Sonic & Knuckles, although I'm not sure if that's the right game. A nice little promo item, regardless.

Now this, I've never seen anywhere else before. I have cousins who are half Japanese and as a result, live in Japan. Once when they came to visit, they gave me this neat little clock. I think they had it sitting around their house and as a result, weren't really sure where it came from. But no biggie, it's a great clock, although currently out of battery. As far as I'm aware, it's quite the unique thing to have.

Of course, no self-respecting* British Sonic fan doesn't have a disgustingly large collection of Sonic the Comics? Although, rather than take my issues out and spreading them out in a neat display like the Gaga, I've kept mine all neatly filed away in order like the anal bastard I am.

*the term is 'self-respecting' is used rather loosely here

Anyway, so that's the bulk of my Sonic related merchandise acquired over the last 11 years ish. Things have been lost and things have yet to be picked up, because I love to nurture the nostalgic inner child within me, who sits around playing Sonic 3 and eating ice cream. So there we go - an unhealthy obsession with blue hedgehogs leads to a rather big amount of capitalist consumerism. Take that, Communism!

Oh and almost forgot, happy new year you crazy kids.


The GagaMan(n) said...

Fantastic post! I see you still have some AOSTH videos, I once had all of those. That Knuckles clock is an interesting piece, by any chance does it have any copyright details on the back?

I missed out on owning that book 'Stay Sonic' once at a boot sale. Some bastard grabbed it just before I could reach over. I actually remember reading it in my school library.

I do like that Sonic Adventure 2 action figure. I have one of those boxed up in the loft somewhere, only my one is completely gray as it's a promo one of some sort.

The little sonic toys you got from Ebay are in a different box to my ones. There is a whole of about 25 of them, about 12 I have in boxes and some others loose, and most of them consist of badniks from Sonic 1. There's also a tails, two Robotniks and a knuckles, which I remember being very hard to find without it's head falling off from it's poor molding work.

Smindas said...

The clock has a wee bit of copyright info, "(c) SEGA 1996 MADE IN CHINA". So it's official, has the SEGA logo and everything. That could *never* be faked.

I actually got the Stay Sonic book, along with that Sonic 2 guide from a friend as a birthday present. I don't where the hell she got them from though. It's an odd book, but pretty hilarious at times (not for the right reasons).

Those promo figures are quite rare, I understand. I'm less keen on having that kind of thing, I tend to buy figures for jovial display purposes.

I've seen those badnik figures, I would love to have those. I'd also be keen on the Knuckes. But none of them ever pop up on eBay.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Ah. I just asked about the clock because I remember owning a Sonic clock once that turned out to be fake, although it wasn't digital like this one.

I would have grabbed a normal coloured version of that SA2 figure as well most likely, but the promo one is all I've ever come cross in a shop once. I didn't think it was worth taking out of the packeting because,'s just flat grey.

Caleb said...

"he has deep issues that have materialised in the form of blue hedgehog memorabilia"


Awesome post!

The GagaMan(n) said...

I chose to ignore that bit XD

Smindas said...

The issues remark was meant with love, clearly ;P

Sonic Fan said...

Wow, nice Sonic collection! It's nice to see more Sonic collectors around, I haven't come across many these past 2 years that I've been on the internet. I have quite alot of Sonic items too, in fact I've spent well over £1,000 on just Sonic plushies alone! Here's a pic of just some of my Sonic items:

That Knuckles clock is official, one sold on ebay around a week ago for $14.99. I won the old style Amy clock and it should arrive in a week or two. =)

The GagaMan(n) said...

Wow, that's a mighty impressive collecton! You have a lot of great stuff there, especially the plushies (Super Sonic!). I don't suppose you would mind if I featured your collection on this blog would you? If you get me some more photos (possibly bigger ones if you can) and e-mail them to me at tehgagamann at I'll be happy to showcase them! =)

Sonic Fan said...

Thanks! Yeah he's extremely rare and costed £220. Sure, that would be great! Would it be ok to wait a week or so until I send you the pics because I have a few new Sonic items coming first? I'm getting a Sonic 2 cloth motif (as it says in the ebay description, I don't know what else it's called), a Sonic Adventure Knuckles action figure I won on ebay last night for only 1p!! (it only had Knuckles toy in the title) and maybe I'll buy a talking Sonic X Tails action figure to complete my talking Sonic action figures set, also Ryan Drummond is suppose to be sending me his autograph so that might arrive within a week too, hopefully.

My room isn't complete, especially that shelfing on the left but I need the extra room because I buy new Sonic items almost everyday, and I really need to get a SA2 Shadow action figure to get the little poster thing to go on the other side of my wardrobe door to match the SA2 Sonic one, although it looks so odd, I might take it down until I get the Shadow one to match.

I know the kind of pics you'll want , like close up pics of my Sonic figures, my new Sonic shelfing, more close up pics of the main part of my Sonic room, Sonic door posters, Sonic books, Sonic clothes and accessories etc. I'll email you the pics as soon as the Sonic items I'm waiting for arrive!

Smindas said...

Super Sonic was £220!? Wow, that is one rare plush. Your collection is mighty awesome, by the way. Worringly excessive, yes, but no less genius.

Also, I won one of those Sonic 2 "cloth motifs" (it's really just a patch - usually used to sew on to denim jackets or whatever) as well, presumably from the same seller. I won it for 1p + £2.50 shipping, which was a sweet deal. I saw the subsequent ones go for a lot more.

I want cheap Knuckles figures :(

Sonic Fan said...

Yeah, he was £220. XD I've spent £300 on a Sonic Adventure Amy plush before! £200 on SA2 Rouge plush, £155 for SA2 Sonic plush, £180 for SA2 Hero Chao plush, £100 for Sonic the Fighters Amy plush, £100 for Sonic the Fighters Bean plush, etc. and that's just plushies! and not including shipping costs. I can't imagine how much I've spent on all my Sonic items.

I won mine for £1.20 which still wasn't bad even though the postage is far too high for what it is. I actually have it on the back of my new with tag Sonic 2 jacket, but I'm hoping I can put this Sonic 2 cloth motif on my wall which is why its important to wait for it to arrive until I send pics to the gagaman.

Smindas said...

Wow, I have an overbearing fondness for Sonic related stuff, but I think I'd probably draw the line at your plush purchases, as awesome as they are (especially the Super Sonic).

£1.20s decent, the other one I saw go for about £5, which is less good. I don't know what I'll do with my patch, probably just put it on the wall, but if I get a denim jacket, I know what I'm doing with that bad boy.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Blimey, that is a whole lot of money to spend on plushies! I don't think I could ever part with money like that, but all the power to you mate. I have a few of those Sonic 2 cloth motifs, S.T.C sent me some once. I'm looking forward to the photos! =)

Sonic Fan said...

Most people wouldn't spend that much on them, I don't know anyone else who spends thousands of pounds on Sonic plushies, I must be one of the worlds biggest Sonic plushie collector. XD They make me very happy every time I come in my room so that's all that matters, even though most people think I'm mad when I tell them how much I payed for them.

It looks quite big so it should fill up one of my walls nicely, I'm trying to completely fill all my walls with Sonic posters/ items. The seller received payment for the Sonic 2 cloth motif today and said he'll send it asap, the same with the Knuckles figure. I'd never put it on a denim jacket and go out with it on, I've worn Sonic T shirts out before and I always felt everyone was looking at me so I never bothered again, only around the house, same with my Sonic watch.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Pfft, retro game shirts are everywhere now so I wouldn't worry about wearing Sonic T-shirts in public, not when Gamestation and GAME have been selling them like crazy for the last year or two. You might of seen the post about the shirts and jackets further down. I must admit I haven't worn those jackets in a long time, though, but that's mainly because I want to keep them in good shape.

Sonic Fan said...

I have most of those Sonic T shirts from Gamestation too, they were the ones I wore out a few times nearly 2 years ago, but I wore my favourite Sonic T shirt when I met one of my online friends in London last September and wasn't atall afraid as I knew I wouldn't come across anyone I'd know so I wouldn't get any comments on it. I live in a small town so knowing my luck I'd see someone I used to know from school and they'd think I was a right weirdo wearing Sonic T shirts. I'm just the kind of person who feels odd compared to everyone else and I feel that everyone looks at me.

I have a mint still with tag Sonic 2 jacket (even though it's a size medium and too big for me) but I'd never go out with it on, it's not that I don't want to because I'd love to go out in Sonic clothes but I'd hate anyone saying something to me and hurt my feelings.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Sod 'em! What you wanna wear is your business, be who you wanna be and don't let others tell you otherwise, and all that jazz!

Smindas said...

Yeah, Gaga pretty much summed up my thoughts. Besides, I've only ever had friendly comments for wearing my Sonic shirt, so go me.

Sonic Fan said...

XD I wish I could think like you two about wearing Sonic clothes out, but it used to worry me the whole time I was out so I didn't feel comfortable wearing Sonic T shirts out, or my Sonic watch. I am planning on wearing my Sonic wrist bands which came from Gamestation this year though because they don't show up too much and look great, I've always got a long sleeved top on because it's winter at the moment, but when the weather starts getting warmer and I can wear T shirts, I'll definitely be wearing one of my Sonic wrist bands out, stuff what everyone else thinks, I'd soon find something to say about them anyway if they did make a bad comment. I'm not afraid to wear my red with a white stripe across each side Sonic-like trainers out though!

amy0611 said...

i have the sonic 2 collectors pin badges if anyone is interested in them