Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The French Edition of The History of Sonic Book Goes to Print

Remember this thing? Back in December it was thought we'd be seeing it in January. Then it was pushed to February, then March. Well now, thanks to an email from publisher Pix'n Love, the book has been confirmed to be approved by SEGA and has now gone to print. The printing process will take four weeks. This all applies to the FRENCH version of the book, though it should be assumed that since an English version has been confirmed, that SEGA's approval covers both languages. The only question is: has the English version also gone to print? Pix'n Love's English site has yet to announce the book, so unfortunately at the moment there is no new news on the English version, but it's good to hear that the French version should be out by late April.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Jazwares Facebook Page Gives Me a Nod

This was a nice surprise! Jazwares came across a photo of one of my shelves and featured it on their Facebook page. They didn't know whose it was, so I claimed credit in the comments box. Nice to see my display getting a little recognition. What made me laugh were those who claimed to have more figures than me - it's not a competition, guys! And I don't doubt that there are those out there who collect every figure. And there were those who pointed out that I didn't have modern Amy Rose - she's not a favorite of mine, nor is it easy to find her figure without getting it bundled with other figures I already have. Anyway, if anybody from Jazwares is seeing this, thanks for the shout out!