Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sonic the Nendoroid!

The Nendoroid range is a series of small, super deformed action figures made by Good Smile Company that have mostly been based on anime franchises. Sega has been associated with this range a bit thanks to their connection with the Hasume Miku phenomenon (the recent 3DS game Project Mirai is even somewhat based on how the Nendoroid toys look), and there was a Sakura Wars pair in the range. This company rarely does non-human characters, with exceptions being that of Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as some baseball mascots, and now Sonic the Hedgehog! See more photos and details after the jump!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

E3 2000 Power Stone 2 Shirt From the Dreamcast Glory Years

Ah, SEGA memories...

SEGA's third party years have been great, don't get me wrong, but I still miss the wonderful years of the Dreamcast. Between '99 and 2000, before 2001's January death announcement, being a Dreamcast fan was great. Tons of great games coming out, and tons of great games to look forward to. I remember following E3 in 2000, and being so hyped for the games being shown off. Shenmue was obviously the most epic game shown, but I was also intrigued by Capcom's Dreamcast launch game sequel Power Stone 2. Today's piece of merch from yesteryear isn't a SEGA item, but it IS very much associated with SEGA's past. After the break, let's take a look at a Power Stone 2 shirt from E3 2000!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Game Gear TV Tuner: It's last day.

Today is the day the digital TV switchover happens in my area of the UK. This means all analog TV signal is being switched off for good. Because of this, all Sega Game Gear TV Tuners will not be able to tune in anything here anymore, deeming them as nothing but a static noise emulator for your Game Gear.

When I recorded this video this morning, I was expecting the thing to not pick up anything as my actual TV has lost all analog channels, yet it still managed to pick up ITV. Yes, that is about as good as a reception as you would get with this device anyway.

Still, sad to see one of Sega's old innovations (as daft looking as it was) come to an end, sort of like seeing the online servers of Dreamcast games go down, but not really.

Also Woody Pop is one of the best games on the Game Gear, haters get out.