Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Game Gear TV Tuner: It's last day.

Today is the day the digital TV switchover happens in my area of the UK. This means all analog TV signal is being switched off for good. Because of this, all Sega Game Gear TV Tuners will not be able to tune in anything here anymore, deeming them as nothing but a static noise emulator for your Game Gear.

When I recorded this video this morning, I was expecting the thing to not pick up anything as my actual TV has lost all analog channels, yet it still managed to pick up ITV. Yes, that is about as good as a reception as you would get with this device anyway.

Still, sad to see one of Sega's old innovations (as daft looking as it was) come to an end, sort of like seeing the online servers of Dreamcast games go down, but not really.

Also Woody Pop is one of the best games on the Game Gear, haters get out.


Barry the Nomad said...

Great video! Analog died in the US in 2009/2010. :(

I never owned the TV tuner, but my Game Gear is the Majesco model so it wouldn't work with it anyway.

I actually spotted one last year at a used games store and it was priced at $50! I told the guy it was useless due to there being no signal to pick up, but he wouldn't budge on the price. Jokes on him! His store closed! :P

g_i_ said...

a sad day indeed. good old ITV, i presume you watched the champions league on it last night?
maybe the tuner will be unearthed and used in some sort of post-apocalyptic/alien invasion type scenario?

Steven M said...

Thankfully the TV tuner does have an input jack! But the antenna days are over :(