Tuesday, 24 April 2012

E3 2000 Power Stone 2 Shirt From the Dreamcast Glory Years

Ah, SEGA memories...

SEGA's third party years have been great, don't get me wrong, but I still miss the wonderful years of the Dreamcast. Between '99 and 2000, before 2001's January death announcement, being a Dreamcast fan was great. Tons of great games coming out, and tons of great games to look forward to. I remember following E3 in 2000, and being so hyped for the games being shown off. Shenmue was obviously the most epic game shown, but I was also intrigued by Capcom's Dreamcast launch game sequel Power Stone 2. Today's piece of merch from yesteryear isn't a SEGA item, but it IS very much associated with SEGA's past. After the break, let's take a look at a Power Stone 2 shirt from E3 2000!

To be honest, I don't know how I came across the shirt. Most likely, it was an ebay buy in 2001. The shirt was probably given out at the Power Stone 2 demo station (seen above) by a Capcom rep.

The front has a little game logo on the left and there is a Capcom logo on the left sleeve, complete with the website address!

The back is what makes the shirt so sweet. This art was unfortunately not used on the US release of the game. Instead we had an in-game model of Ryoma over a puke green background. It was and still is my most hated game cover. However, looking at the back of the shirt almost makes me forget all that. Behind Falcon you can see some other characters within the blue background. Pretty slick!

I don't have any conventions planned for the immediate future, but when I do hit one I'll be sure to wear this baby.

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