Saturday, 5 January 2008

Sega Fanart Showcase: MechaFetus Special

What the hell is a MechaFetus? It's a group of bloody brilliant artists who just so happen to have produced a whole slew of Sega Fan art that's so badarse it deserves it's own show case here. To see more of there art, check out their blog (just so you know, it's pretty NSFW at times).

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 The above three are by Paul Robertson. Click on that last one to see it animated.

Virtual On's Temjin by Ouendan.

Ulala and NiGHTS by Kinuko.

Metal Sonic by Radrappy.

The above three by Persona.


Caleb said...

Ulala by Kinuko.

Skinless Sonic by Persona.


segasonic said...

lol the sonic brawl sketch is funny i was totally stoked when i found out sonic was in brawl.
nice pic i really agree i have mario and sonic at the olympic games its bullshit how mario can keep up fu*k mario