Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Sega World Videos!

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of love for the old SegaWorld Indoor Park that used to be in London (now just one floor of arcade games called 'FunLand'), but at least there is Arcade Heroes, who back in October got their hands on some juicy SegaWorld videos! The first video they managed to lay their hands on was is a promotional video showing off all the 3D concept planning of the place, and a bunch of footage of the rides that were there which bring back vague but fond memories. It also shows brief clips of what appears to be a Pirate Sega commercial for Virtua Racing on the Mega Drive!

Videos after the jump.

The next two are of some sort of meeting/get together of Segaworld's 'corporate hospitality'. Apparently these lot got unlimited go's on all the games in the place, the lucky bastards! Not a huge lot to see amongst all the prats with their drinks and crappy food (I'm just jealous really) apart from a few of the arcade games and a very ugly Sonic costume guy, who I met once! Well, I met the costume, I don't know about the guy in the costume...uh, you know what I mean.

Other than this though, there really is next to nothing on Youtube of good ol' Segaworld. hell, one of the results is of SEAworld with a typo! So remember in Part One of my article a while back, I showed screen shots of old home video footage from the first time I went there? Well this severe lack of videos online motivated me to finally rip that footage and upload it for all to see!

There isn't really a whole lot there to be honest: you'll get to see me and as a young tyke
with a group of my mates as we're lifted up the escalator of joy and wonder (You'll be able to tell which one is me: just look for the one who is flapping about like a lunatic from excitement), along with the one non-virtual ride (which was crap as my vehicle just got stuck spinning around in circles) some odd props hanging from the ceiling, and a play ground area of some sort. Yeah, don't blame me for the lack of much footage, that was most likely mum mum filming that! Anyway, it's a small contribution to the Segaworld love. If you guys have anything, ANYTHING to show of this place be it video, photos, magazine junk, anything, please send it in!


Smindas said...

You have no idea how nostalgic this entire post has made me feel.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Then my job is done. =)

J said...

Sega world still lives. It just has a different name.


I still pass through Funland (i.e ex Sega world) whenever I'm in central London and waste about a tenner on the games there. My mates and I are always sure to pay our respects (and a couple of quid) to good ol' Daytona USA.

Mega Saturcast said...

I just found this site today when I decided to google "Segaworld London".

This is such a trip down memory lane. I started out with Sega on the Megadrive. I also owned both a Saturn and a Dreamcast and continue to buy many Sega games today.

Im from Ireland and my brother used to live in England. I remeber visiting him not long after Segaworld had opened, when I was about 12 or so. After very little persuasion he brought me there for the day. It was amazing and seeing these pictures and videos has brought back so many memories.

I could have spent forever in that place. One day just wasn't enought to get around all the machines I wanted to play. What really topped it off was that once we payed in, we could play all the games for as long as we liked. We actually completed Virtua Cop 2 in there that day. The one and only time I have ever played a game from start to finish on an arcade machine.

I could ramble on for 'ages' about how great that day was. Easily one of my favourite childhood memories.

Thanks for bringing back some of the detail that had been blurred by time, I always thought the entrance tickets were quite cool looking!

Sonic Fan said...

You're sooo lucky to have visited SEGAWORLD when it was open, unfortunately back in 1998 when I was a Sonic fan as a kid, I never got to go (I never even heard about SEGAWORLD until 2004 when I bought a lot of 100 Sonic the Comic, comics and saw SEGAWORLD mentioned). It's the biggest mistake of my life and there's never a day that goes by that I don't think of that place. I wanted to get a job in that SEGA shop! (well after I bought all the Sonic items I needed first!)

I went to FUNLAND last September and I'm going there again on February 16th which is a day before my birthday just to have that SEGAWORLD feel being on the escalators (yeah I'm weird. XD).

I have quite a few SEGAWORLD items from both SEGAWORLD London and Sydney which I might make a video of on YouTube soon to show what I have.

cameron benway said...

Funland is gone now and the Rocket Escalator, the thing you guys where riding, is gone too. The one going up to the fourth/fifth level was blocked by a Coca-cola machine. There is no known footage of what's up there during Funland's life.

From what I heard, "Pod Hotels" are replacing the few upper floors of thr Trocadero. I also think there's another Segaworld in Japan and also another Sega themed park by the name "Sega Joypolis".