Monday, 17 September 2007

Sega Super Play Trading Cards

I totally forgot I had these, and just found them in the loft yesterday. Released in 1992, this is a series of trading cards based around Mega Drive games, with 120 in the total set. I remember these being packed in little silver foil packets with a huge Sega logo and a little Sonic on, and managing after countless amount of packets to complete the whole lot. The cards are a little worse for wear with dented corners, but otherwise they see to be fine. More after the jump..

There was three types of card in the series:

The Game cards were the bulk of the set, with a total of 77. Each featured the box art of a Mega Drive game along with some stats on the front, and a screen shot, tip, and mini review on the back. There's also a check list of what games appeared on the Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear (although there's no 8-bit exclusive games featured in the set at all). These are split up into game genres.

The Game Play cards feature a screenshot on either side, as well as some background story and some tips and cheats. There's about 30 of these cards.

There's only 9 Character cards in the set. These obviously go into profiles of certain characters from popular Sega titles. Details include what games they have featured in at the time, first appearance, and their "deadliest enemy". Ecco's is stated as 'Unknown'. I'd say it was those bastard Jellyfish, myself. There's also a screen shot, tip and some more into at the back, as well as one of those console checklist things.

This set may of been better if they had waited another year or so to make them, as it misses out some truely classic Mega Drive titles (Gunstar Heroes anyone?), but overwise quite a funky piece of Sega related crap. At least it isn't completely focused on Sonic, anyway.


david said...

ooooooooh ecco and streets of rage cards! MUST HAVE.

Anonymous said...

I have 200 of these cards plus ecco the dolphin and streets of rage all in good condition as well

Waggly Bean said...

Love this. Was looking for the name of these Mega Drive cards and stumbled across this! Thanks for the memories! :D