Friday, 28 September 2007

Sega Fanart showcase: Puyo Puyo

Searching throughout deviantArt for great fan art of Sega games, here are some particularly nice one I found. I'm gonna make this a weekly thing, starting this week with the theme being...Puyo Puyo, that long running puzzle blob series I love so much (and have just brought a Gashapon figure of it's lead character Arle just this morning). I'm mainly counting the classic series, because as much as I enjoyed Puyo Puyo Fever I preferred the old cast of characters =)

Puyo Puyo SUN by ~pu

More after the jump..

Arle Nadja From Puyo Puyo by ~Goldsickle

Arle by ~umber

These last three are heh, I do like drawing me some Arle =D

Arleeencounter by ~GagaMan

Puyo Puyo Arle by ~GagaMan

Arle and Bub by ~GagaMan

And what the hell, here's bunch of mosaic art made out of Puyos! (You'll have to click into these to see what each one is)

Puyo Sonic by ~SPaZzTH

Arle: The Puyo Princess by ~ilascott

Puyo STK by ~ilascott

Puyo Art by ~ilascott


Scott Jacobs said...

Jerk. You didn't show my Puyo Arle.
Just kidding, since I technically stole the style from Spazz anyway.

And this is ila. (Stupid blogger name)

The GagaMan(n) said...

Give us a link and I'll add it =)

Scott Jacobs said...
Whore out my art for MASSIVE PAGEVIEWS! Thanks.

Hernan said...

Cool. I didn't know Deviantart had so many Puyo fanart.

The GagaMan(n) said...

If you ask me it needs more =P