Monday, 17 September 2007

It starts here.

Hello, I'm the Gagaman and this is my new blog about my favorite video game company Sega.

Although Nintendo were the ones to introduce me to gaming (I still remember the first game I ever played: Excitebike on the NES), it was Sega that turned me into a gamer. Because I live close to the sea side, I used to love going down to the local arcades and it was here I discovered the likes of Outrun, After Burner and Hang-On. This was around the time the Mega Drive was released and the idea of playing these at home excited me. Also being one raised on Disney the games being released for it like Quackshot and Castle of Illusion also made it a must buy. While I still enjoyed Nintendo by playing the SNES at a mate's, I never turned back on Sega games from that point on.

Sonic was my childhood icon, who at the time was everywhere. If I wasn't playing Sonic 2 with my sister on my Mega Drive, I was reading Sonic the Comic or watching the Sonic cartoons on TV. Sega even arrived at my Scouts club once and gave us all Sonic bobbles. It was brilliant. I'm not one for loving brands (you wouldn't find me caring what brand my shoes are, for example) but Sega mean a lot to me.

Sega are not quite the industry giant they once were, but back when I was a kid they were a huge part of my life. I never really supported a football team or had a favorite singer, but Sega were a brand I clinged on to for as long as I can remember. This is why I want to write this new blog.

As if the blog name wasn't a dead giveaway, Sega Memories is all about anything Sega outside of the games. The culture, collectibles, magazines, music, toys...anything. There are so many blogs and websites out there about Sega's games and consoles (I should know, I write for one), but as far as I know there isn't many about the merchandise that I spent my childhood collecting. Most of what you see will probably be Sonic stuff, because to be honest most of Sega's merchandising comes down to their mascot much like how there is probably more Mario stuff from Nintendo then there is of their other series', but I'll try to keep things varied. I'll attempt to find things that you generally don't read about else where. Besides, there's only so many ways you can be told how great Rez and Shenmue were.

The first load of topics I'll be posting here are over a year old and from the now defunct Blog Sega Freaks, which I started back in 2006 but didn't go anywhere as it wasn't specific enough for me. These include some fond memories of Sega World, the Sega tour buses and some bits and bobs from the glory days of the early 90's I still have lying around the house. For those who didn't see these articles the first time around..enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Rocket Punch! said...

Dude. THANK YOU for this blog. This first post was like a ghostwriter's version of my own childhood biography. You are not alone in your love and admiration of Sega nostalgia.