Monday, 17 September 2007

SegaWorld Part 3

While I have run out of photos I took myself of SegaWorld, I've stumbled across some more SegaWorld related stuff I had up in the loft with my countless other Sonic junk. Firstly, here's a three-page preview of the place featured in a 1996 Summer special Sonic comic, and contains many details (such as the names of the areas and rides) which I had forgotten. Just click to full view and try to ignore the awful 'radical' talk throughout it.

More after the jump.

I also found the ticket from my first visit. I scanned both the front and back.
And lastly here's a little plastic pin badge that you got as you came off one of the rides. Well, I'm not sure if everyone got these as it does say "Best Gunner", but I can't really remember. I also found some of the gift shop stuff, such as a keychain, a pen and another pen with a floaty Sonic that goes up and down. Memories~

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