Monday, 17 September 2007

Those Sega Tour Buses

Now this is one of those 'When-Sega-were-big' things I never really got to experience, mainly due to the fact that the ruddy things never came down to Essex, but here's a little look at the rather funky tour buses that drove about the UK throughout 1994 and 1995. All these scans came from issues of S.T.C. Click to enlarge them.

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 This last, full-page sprend came from a S.T.C summer special, and was most likely one of the last times they did one of these bus tours in the UK. I feel sorry for the guy in the Pink Knuckles outfit. Still, I would of love to have jumped into one of these buses as a kid. Anyone else remember these, or even better, was a lucky enough git to of been on one?


Ryan said...

I went on one of them, twice!

The first time was at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. Sonic wasn't there, but I had a go on a 32X and my brother had a go at Toy Story on the Mega Drive. It was really dark.

The next time was better - it was at Camelot (that medieval-centric theme park). Sonic and Tails were there, there was a Daytona USA tournament in another lorry parked next to the bus, and everyone got a Sonic & Knuckles dogtag. One of the best days of my life, by far.

Anonymous said...

I was a champion on the Sega Bus and have been telling my friends for years about it. They havent believed me for all this time and now I have proof that the bus exists!!!!!

Steve said...

Yep, I went on one in 1994 at a games show, can't remember which one. It was set out with banks of monitors and MegaDrives, and I managed to beat the other players in a score race on Sonic & Knuckles and won a t-shirt and some stickers. As a kid those were the sort of things that really matter to you. Great memories.

Anonymous said...

I went to the tour in 1995 at Whitby I think, It was quite disappointing for my 8 year old self as not only Sonic wasn't there all the new games were being hogged by teenagers who would move of the games so I ended up playing sonic 3 which I already had and alien 3 on the game gear. If sonic had been there I wouldn't have minded not playing the games but oh well lol could have been worse