Sunday, 3 February 2008

More from Impact's Classic Sonic range, now on Play Asia

If you've walked into a GAME store in recent months, you have most likely seen the classic style Sonic plush toys, which I featured back in December. You'll also remember that there was supposed to be two more characters to the set which no one has been stocking of Knuckles and Robotnik. Well, Play-Asia has started to stock the classic Sonic range and they have Knuckles!

Not only does this mean we can now grab the Knuckles plush that GAME doesn't appear to be ever stocking, but people outside of the UK can buy these toys for themselves. Still no Robotnik in sight, though. I really want to see how that one turns out. To make up for it though, they have something else...

Classic Sonic beanies! Very similar to the plushes but obviously much smaller and er...full of beans, but they're also only about £4 each, so if you're not willing to part with £8 on the full size ones, you could always get these. That's if you're not a completest who must have both sets like me! First that Sonic statue and now wallet is in pain!

It's like a box full of kittens, only not.

Compared to the butt ugly Sonic X plush toys we have seen in the last few years (which I didn't even buy for collectors' sake, they were so bad) these retro styled plushies are rather ace and just how most fans remember the characters from the good old days. Now where's my Robotnik?


Smindas said...

That Knuckles is rather funky. My wallet doesn't need this kind of abuse!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese ufo catcher sonic x plushes were the best, sadly Europe were ruined with horable ver of the japanese UFo catcher types.

i do like these classic plush, but i cant get a beanie tails or knuckles

sonicgacxix said...

I have the sonic the hedgehog knuckles plush preety Funky!