Monday, 18 February 2008

Sega Fanart Showcase: gsliverfish Special

Michael Stearns (AKA "gsliverfish") is one of those artists on DeviantArt who is rather brilliant at capturing the atmosphere of the worlds you visted in the original Sonic Mega Drive game, including the obstacles you faced along the way. Each of these images seems to perfectly sum up each zone of the game with a distinctive perspective. Just looking at the art gets that levels' music stuck in my head! Make sure you check out his other works too!

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16-bit Fan said...

Those are awesome! I especially love the Sonic CD one and the Labyrinth one. I need to start doing Sonic fanart again; I used to draw him all the time as a kid.

By the by, I took your suggestion and ordered the classic Sonic plushes from Play-Asia. I hope they arrive soon!

Fankie Sonic Castaneda said...

im loving the artwork! and also i got somethig you sega fans would like to see, im the owner of the "sonic truck" as its called in the show scene. 02 trailblazer with sonic the hedgehog air brushed on the hood. im a sega fan since i was little back in the sega master system days to the dreamcast..hope u like.

The GagaMan(n) said...

*checks out website*
Oh wow, those cars are stunning, love the Sonic artwork and the Dreamcast hiding in the back! Is it playable on those back seat tellys? =D

16-bit Collector said...

Okay, my Classic Sonic and Tails came fom Play-Asia today and I have a question for you. I ordered two Sonics (one as a gift for a friend) and one of them does not have buckles on the shoes. There's no glue or anything that would indicate that the felt buckles were attached but fell off. Otherwise the two dolls look pretty much the same (although the buckleless one seems to have a rounder shape to the head; probably just plush variations). Is this a factory mistake? Or do I have a rare early version before they added buckles to the design? Also, I compared the sewn-in tags and the one on the Sonic with buckles is slightly smaller. It looks like the Sonic logo and text on the back were scaled down to fit on a narrower ribbon. The Tails doll has the same smaller tag.

Just wondering if anyone else has a plush like this. Regardless, I'm keeping the one without buckles for myself because I prefer him this way. This was how he appeared in all of the original games (except for Sonic CD), at least in the American art. Were they in the art for the European releases?

Smindas said...

Yes and no. The European art was sort of inconsistent in that it referenced or used both Jap and US art. So sometimes we got buckles, sometimes we didn't.

As for your buckle plush dilemma, I'm assuming it's just a factory mistake. Still I guess that makes it fairly unique!

CatfishMaw said...

I prefer no buckles, personally.

Great blog! I'm really enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

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