Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Classic Sonic brand is expanding! Oh god.

My wallet! The pain! It's bad enough I just blew £28 on the new Knuckles plush and set of 3 beanies that Play-Asia have started to sell, but now it has been announced that this Classic Sonic brand is expanding out into a vinyl toy series! A company called First 4 Figures, who have previously made rather nice Zelda and Metroid statues (and have quite possibly the slowest website on the planet right now), are dipping their feet into the Sonic licensing pool with a first wave of three figures of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles that are apparently due out around July. Here's the wonderful photos of them in all their 16-bit old school glory:

Wait, did that say FIRST wave? That's means there will most likely be even more to come! Here's hoping the second wave consists of Dr.Robotnik, Amy Rose and Metal Sonic in classic Sonic CD style. If so, HERE'S MY MONEY, TAKE IT.

This blog really was supposed to be about more than just collecting Sonic stuff, but recently they've made it hard to by putting out some of the best Sonic merchandise in years. You can apparently thank Jetix Europe for licensing out this new range, not Sega, which is kind of surprising as Jetix are the ones who screen Sonic X here in Europe. After years of cheap and tacky Sonic X junk, they seem to be treating us to some nostalgia pimping.

EDIT: The First 4 Figures site is working better now, so I've uploaded the bigger, better photos from there.


Anonymous said...

You are making me quite jealous with all this Classic Sonic merchandise. I still have my old Caltoy-brand Sonic and Tails from 1994, but here in America we haven't gotten any decent-looking Sonic stuff in years. The best I've been able to find recently was a set of plush toys made by Japanese toy company San-ei (they also make fantastic Mario, Zelda and Kirby plushes, if you're interested in any of those). Oh why can't we have some 16-bit Sonic goodness too? You Britains get all the good stuff. :-O

P.S. I do enjoy your posts, really. I'm just drooling over those incredible figurines and sad at the prospect of never being able to get them for myself.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Well, you could always get the new Classic plushes and beanies from Play-Asia, which is an American website to start with. I wouldn't be surprised if you could get these online from America too when they come out.

Sonic Fan said...

I heard about these on a forum today. I'm SO excited about getting these, they're some of the best Sonic figures I've ever seen! I'd pay £100 each just to get them! I'm hoping they'll release retro Super Sonic, Amy, Metal Sonic, and Robotnik/ Eggman figures as they said this is the first set. I want a Super Sonic figure sooo badly.

Anonymous said...

Play-Asia is based in Hong Kong, so while I could order from them it's much more of a hassle than from a company in my own country. I suppose I'll have to figure out a way, though, because I really want those plush toys. Looks like they're the only website that carries them.

Smindas said...

Those are incredibly tasty. However, what price range are we talking here, because I've seen other stuff by this company that is waaay too rich for my cheap blood.

The GagaMan(n) said...

I don't think you'll have to worry about the price, they've clearly made a distinction between these being 'figures' and the Nintendo ones being limited edition 'statues', so I can't see them being as expensive as those are. I'm going to bet on £15-20 each maximum.

Smindas said...

Oh. Sweet. Sure, my wallet's on life support, but hey - classic Knuckles!

16-bit Collector said...

Wow, I would love to get these figures. I really hope we get a release in America too.

I'm planning on getting the Classic Sonic plush set from Play-Asia, but the shipping costs as much as the plushes themselves! It's about $45 (approx. £22) for the three dolls and around $50 for EMS shipping from Hong Kong. I guess I have no choice, so I might as well buy a bunch of stuff from them so I can at least get some value out of this.
*goes broke, but plenty-o-Sonic*

Kayona-kim said...

You have no idea how badly I want those. I squealed on the phone to Chad as soon as I came across them!

I'll get them. I don't care about the price I WILL GET THEM.

Classic Sonic forever