Sunday, 2 March 2008

Boot Sale Season Returns: Megadrive Goldmine

The big car boots sales a short drive away finally started up again recently, and I went today after months of desperately trying to find bargains on Ebay. Anyone who knows me well enough will know of my jammy-git luck with finding some crazy cheap gaming stuff at them, like a game Boy Advance for £1, a Playstation 2 Slim with 16 games for £55 and my Sega Multi-Mega which set me back a measly £6.50, but these kinds of things very rarely happen, between week after week of the same old common shit (Read: Sports games. Anyone would think no ones buys anything else at these places). Oh how I have missed them for awesome shit like this raid I got today..

Here's a big blue box full of Mega Drive junk I bought today. What's in it, then?Find out after the jump!

A rather dusty Mega Drive Mark 1, some dodgy third party controllers (One with a dead Up button), but best of all, an official six button controller and 26 games!

Not the usual Fifa rubbish I always normally find though, but quite a lot of unusual games that I have honestly never seen in the before. Marzin Wars, Bio Hazard Battle, Dragon's Revenge, and a game I had never even heard of (not even when playing heaps of emulation) called Cyborg Justice, to name a few.

The highlight of the collection was cropped out of that last picture on purpose though...


This was literally sitting on top of the box when I first glanced over, which me me run over towards it. I asked him how much the games in the box were. His answer? "The whole box is a tenner, mate."

Yes, £10. There was a total of 30 items in the box, making them cost about 33p each. Yes, I shat my pants. Not literally of course. The Mega Drive games I found today didn't even end there. On Sunday's I generally go to around 2 or 3 boot sales that are all on pretty near to each other, and I managed to find some more that were not the usual shite:

Been looking about for these three for a while (I tend to avoid buying MD games from Ebay). Cost me £5 for the three, which seemed pretty high compared to that previous miracle, but Psycho Pinball was pretty darn mint with a cardboard sleeve over it, and I miss that good ol' Aquatic Games (the music from it has been stuck in my heads for years).

Then at another boot sale I got this lot. Ecco 2 cost 50p, and the others cost 20p. Digitized Micheal Jackson screeches for 20p. How could I resist? I also bought a PS2 GBA game for £4 each, but that is NOT TEH SEGA. They were Midway Arcade Treasures 1 and Super Mario Bros 3, by the way.

Here's Alien Soldier running on my HD telly. Oh how good does this game feel to play on something other than a emulator. The beautiful music booming out of the telly for the first time made my jaw drop. I still utterly suck at this game, though; I always die at that snake boss thingy. Odd thing I noticed about the PAL version: the engrish seems to have been cleaned up. The intro actually makes a bit of sense now, and "Visualshock! Speedshock! Soundshock! Now is the time for 6800 Heart on Fire!" was missing from the title screen. Oh well.

I'm not making a big deal over finally finding a copy of this game!



Caleb said...

Good one Gagaman(n)!!!!

That was a good deal you got there!

Muahahha. I remember the first time you called me a jammy git. I had no freaking clue what you meant...

Everyone knows I love the garage sales, flea markets, pawn shops and thirft stores. You NEVER KNOW what you can find.

I just got a new in box Saturn 3d controller from a corner store.

Retro Boy G said...

What a steal dude! Well done! :)