Monday, 28 July 2008

Boot Sale Season: Another Megadrive Horde

(Apologies again for lack of updates. I actually have quite a back-log of unfinished articles to get working on. This one, for example, should have been posted about 3 weeks ago..)

Sometimes at boot sales you just get lucky. This horde of Mega Drive games here is one of those times. A bloke had a huge huge box full of about 50 Mega Drive games, many very good ones. In the end I picked out 19 of the, leaving the Sonic and sport games that show up all the time. He was selling them a pound each but let me have this lot for £16. Fantastic.

There's a good few games in here I haven't come across often, or at all, outside of Ebay. I had never even heard of Sub Terrania before but picked it up based on the sticker attached that quotes from a magazine: "Most polished gameplay since Gunstar Heroes" or something to that effect. Clayfighter would have been nice to own but sadly I could not get it to work at all. The highlight of the lot is probably Flink, as it's a very hard to find platformer by good old Psygnosis, before they were gobbled up by Sony. Another game of theirs, Puggsy, is also amongst this lot. Other highlights include Ranger-X, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Battletoads and MERCS. Most were mint but a odd game, including Flink, were unfortunately missing their manuals. Oh well.


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