Thursday, 31 July 2008

Japanese Sega Art Book of Sheer Beauty Part 2: Scans!

As I promised here are some full scale scans from that wonderful Sega game illustrations book.

Here's a scanned example of one of the pages, which not only contains all that lovely felt-tip pen colored art from Sonic 1, but also talks of the characters' "charming and saucy nature". Hmm. No doubt the PAL Sonic 1 box art was nicer, though. More scans after the jump.

Some art scanned from one of the Sonic 2 pages, showing Tails back when he was generally cute and not an annoying little idiot. "Look at all them Eggman's robots" indeed.

The creepy furries may get a kick out of this one. Features some artwork of the badniks from the Game Gear version of Sonic 2, which I can't say I've seen before getting this book before (for all I know they were probably in the Japanese manual)..

Ever wanted large artwork of Streets of Rage? Well here you go! Sadly I couldn't get perfect scans of these what with the page bends though, so a lot of these will have squashed shadowed sides. Still, click on this and you can see all that unnecessary muscle detail closer than if you placed the Mega Drive case against your nose.

This one of Monster lair wasn't going too far into the page dip so I got this one almost just right. Illustrated by , of who's artwork should be familiar to anyone that ever owned a Master System, as the art could be found on many a white gridded box (when they did very rarely put any effort into the art on them that is). This one might even work as a widescreen wallpaper.

This is one of my favorite pieces from the entire book, a real piece of art that's wasted on a tiny Game Gear box but would look great hung up on a wall.

This Phantasy Star II art is also very arty. Has the look of a Moebius illustration, sort of. Now a Panzer Dragoon art book, THAT would be nice.

Outrun artwork by Akira Watanabe (the same guy who did the Sonic 1 and 2 cover art, amongst other Sega art). This wouldn't look out of place framed in a 1980's diner complete with a girl flying around on Rollerblades chewing bubblegum. This image could be all you need on Wikipedia for the word "Sega". Amazing.

And if that wasn't enough airbrushed Outrun goodness for you, here's a poor attempt at a scan of the two page spread of Turbo Outrun. This American dream of driving like an arsehole to show off to your brain dead girlfriend is illustrated so perfectly here.

And finally here's the classic Outrun logo, which might just be the largest copy of it you'll find on the Internet. I could be wrong, though.

I may upload some more scans from the book if anyone wants them, and if they're possible without wreaking the book, and maybe I'll cook up some wallpapers too.


Alan W said...

Oh my, Tails is so cute!

Amine said...

Some artworks are wonderful to my eyes! Thanks a lot for sharing thew with us =D