Monday, 28 July 2008

Possibly the greatest Sonic tie in the world (and some caps)

Ok, so that's maybe a exaggeration but it's still rather classy. I remember dad owning this back in the day, and on one day of sorting out from a pile of ties what to sell, my child self made sure he didn't get rid of this one. In all honestly for the last few years I had forgotten I even still had this lying around somewhere, but recently in a sort out of my wardrobe I found it tucked away in the corner where I evidentially never look, next to a pair of Sonic caps I also left down there to be forgotten about. More stuff after the jump.

I don't think the photos really do it justice, but as I already said: this tie is rather classy. The artwork appears to be that from one of those choose-your-Adventure books I used to read a lot, as if involving Sonic in every other form of entertainment I could find wasn't enough. In the original art the flash at the bottom was a bright orange, suggesting an explosion, but now it's a dark blue so looks more like a water splash. Either way the tie is a nice deep blue and very slick.

Out of all the Sonic ties I've seen about online (not many, actually) this is probably one of the most tasteful. The colours especially are very nice; Tails' fur is like a perfect inbetween of the orange from the games and the brown fur in SATAM. It has a very nice textured feel as well, and it glistens in the light. Hell, I may even wear it out one of these days, if I ever find the reason to wear a tie. Maybe not for going to the funeral of someone who drowned, mind.

Oh, and here's the back, if you're all that interested. Even the Sonic logo stitched into the little Tie Rack tag is very nicely done. I can actually imagine this was quite expensive when it came out, and most likely came from Marks & Sparks like a lot of that old Sonic clothing did.

Finally, here's the two caps that were hiding alongside the tie. The first one matches that big red Coca Cola jacket I've got, with the same artwork stitched on and in bright red. Much like the actual jacket I can't remember how or where I got this.

This other cap is a bit odd because it's all fluffy like, a very odd texture for a cap to have, and it has no size adjusting buttons on the back, it just stretches onto your head and generally feel quite horrible. Safe to say I've never worn this even as a kid as it was so irritable. Still, it has not one, not two, but three Sonic's stitched onto it in various places, all based on stock art. It also has a little Sonic logo tag thing stitched into it.

So compared to that tie this is kind of tacky, but I believe this also came from M&S if I remember rightly. They did a whole range of Sonic clothing and if I recall it never particularly cheap and only around for a short while.

I still have quite a backlog of stuff to show off here, and then maybe I finally finally start writing some actual articles about Sega-dom that don't involve Sonic stuff. Help me out here, Smindas!


DJ Nikon said...

absolutely awesome collection
makes me wish I could get some garb like this today

the very top tie with sonic and tails I JUST saw sell on ebay for $15

good luck with the collection, and if you find more, then post them up!

Anonymous said...

I have a tie from the same series, different design. Its red with a ring pattern and Sonic in a running from the side pose.