Saturday, 21 June 2008

The ugliest Sonic soft toy you will ever see.

After well over a month of silence, Sega Memories is back from the dead. Been far too busy up until now, and Smindas has been on Holiday to Japan, the jammy git.

Now there has been some tacky, crappy Sonic merchandise over the years, but this one I found at a car boot sale this morning does not only take the biscuit, but the whole ruddy jar. Some kid was given this and rightfully ripped holes in it before throwing it amongst whatever junk his/her mother shoved into her car boot, where I for some reason picked it up for 50p. More on this abortion of plush design after the jump.

At first glance I was convinced this had to be a cheap knock off from one of those carnival games, but on closer inspection it has a tag with a big fat Sega logo and trademark dated 2001 on it, so to my surprise not only is it officially endorsed, but it came before Sonic X and all the crap toys that spawned from it. The Sega side of the tag is in Japanese but the other side lists a Spanish based toy company called Play-by-Play, who do not appear to be in business anymore.

The list of problems with this toy's design is endless. It's face is so deformed you'd think it had spent a little too much time in the chemical plant zone. It's mouth falls inwards so it looks like an arse and his eyes are distant relatives. It's hands suggest it is either saying peace to the deaf or expelling a demon. Also, why does he have a belly button? The shade of blue is closer to a purple, and he has bright purple under his shoes for some reason. He has yellow buckles but also smaller brown buckles on the back of his shoes.

The spikes are a pile of lumpy tentacles protruding out from this unfortunate toy's head in various directions. The head spikes get in the way of the body so much that they've just slapped some wafer thing spikes on the sides on it's back, along with a lump for a tail. It also has quite possibly the longest legs I've ever seen on a Sonic toy. I know this is post lanky re-design, but those tree stumps are ridiculous.

The year dated on this thing suggests that it was released around the time that Sonic Adventure 2 came out. Does this and the fact it has Japanese on it suggest that it may be rare? If that's the case, if anyone wants to pay obscene amounts of money for it they can have it. Otherwise I can think of a much better place for it..

EDIT: If anyone wanted to waste money on this tat tough, I sold it to some brat for a quid, whho can stick even more holes in it for all I care.


Rodrigo Seixas- ElCabuloso said...

Hey dude,

I'm from Brasil and I was looking for same infos about Decap Attack and other strange and amazing characters from the old days! I wanna do some art based on them and put on my blog! In my searches I end up in here! Man! Cool blog! Nice infos! Neat images! For sure I keep coming back here!

Take a look on the draw that a did in a tribute for Decap Attack:

Stacey Wheeler said...

Good Sonic you're looking kinda cool. 0◡o Oh Play by Play, they were the ones that made the official Rayman plushies, which were also well off and had massive eyebrows that could rival Charlie from Busted.

BlueHero said...

His face looks a bit like it was squashed by something heavy, so problably Robotnik.

Persona said...

Gagaman, I need your help for a sec:
Do you recall a classic Sonic-styled fan comic from a long time ago that was drawn really well? It covered the first Death Egg story, I think. It was also watercolored, I recall. It was probably around late 90s, early 00s, I don't really recall.

If you remember the name of the comic or the artist, post a comment on the visublog, thanks. :o