Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Shenmonth: Shenhua Promo Figure

For those who don't follow all of the Sega Network blogs (you should, they're all awesome!), I recently kicked off a month long celebration of 'Shenmue' called Shenmonth. Catchy or stupid name: you be the judge. As a part of Shenmonth, I wanted to show off a recent aquisition of mine. The Shenmue Shenhua promo figure!

The statue was a promotional item to celebrate the release of 'Shenmue' in Japan, though I know very little outside of that. How one got the item and why it is copyrighted "1998" while 'Shenmue' was released in December 1999 are two things I do not know. Perhaps a reader or the Grand Gagaman himself could shed some light on the figure's history.

I shall come from a far eastern land, shipped airmail

Like the recently released Ryo Hazuki forklift figure, the paint job isn't the figure's strong suit. Then again, it was a freebie so beggars can't be choosers. I picked the figure up for $10 so I'm not going to complain. The material is a very light, hollow vinyl. One flick and the figure could tumble over.

I assume this says "Shenhua" or "Shen Hua" or "Shen Fa".

An interesting note: the only two 'Shenmue' figures made available were promo items and are difficult to come by. Perhaps Sega needs to get on the ball and give us our Comb-My-Hair Goro with Harbor Playset™.
 All the 'Shenmue' goodies I own (the XBOX 'Shenmue II' not pictured)

To complete this post, I present an EXCLUSIVE screenshot from 'Shenmue III'!!!
Ryo: Are you certain this is what I do to defeat Lan Di?
Shenhua: Yes Ryo, the prophesy clearly states that this is how it is done.
Ryo: I see.


Hairyman said...

She looks like she's holding her breath.

Barry the Nomad said...

We all are, for the release of 'Shenmue III'!

Lee said...

Where did you get that sweet Ryo on the forklift collectible?

Barry the Nomad said...

I won it in a Sega of America contest :)

I'd like to say I got it from a giant capsule machine, but that would be a lie.

AngelComa said...

I want one with the little kids that say "Hey Mister, Wanna wrestle?"

Smindas said...

It forever remains a travesty that Shenmue probably won't be finished off. Amazing series.

Barry the Nomad said...

Yo Smindas! Check out my article about Shenmue III over at Segabits: