Monday, 10 May 2010

Ebay hunt: Early 90's Sonic UFO Catcher

Thought I'd start preserving photos of really nice Sega related things I've seen come and go on Ebay from time to time before the auction vanishes from the site. Recently I stumbled upon this beauty with a starting bid of £100. it sold last week for about £206, which is not a lot of money for a full scale arcade machine you'd never normally find in the UK. Had i been working on my dream of having my own personal arcade I would have been fighting for this, but alas that's a project I'd probably have to save for when I'm going through my mid life crisis many years from now.


You may remember Smindas showed some photos of one of these that he saw on his trip to Japan, and UK:Resistance posted a video of it playing the Starlight Hill Zone music once too. According to the seller this one has only been used for corporate events, so it hasn't been rotting in some dingy arcade where kids have spilled coke on it, but rather business men have been spilling wine on it instead. What would you fill it up with? If I was feeling really spiteful I'd stick piles of copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga in it, except in the case would be four copies of Shadow the Hedgehog instead.

We can excuse it being pink when the artwork is so wonderfully retro, before even Tails was on the scene and they had to resort to highlighting the little animal friends. I especially like the bunny riding a balloon. I always found it funny how all this early stuff was named 'SegaSonic' as one word. Imagine if we had 'NintendoMario' or 'DisneyMickey'. Neither of those are quite as catchy mind.

This is the least exciting photo. The machine is currently filled with bin bags and green capsules. Hopefully whoever won it will sit it next to a After Burner Deluxe cabinet so whenever the Starlight Hill music isn't playing, there is still some joyous Sega sounds playing. In fact if the winner is reading this get in contact with us and maybe send us some not-rubbish-sized photos!


Andrew said...

Wow do want! Cool, thanks Gaga!

Barry the Nomad said...

I want this, an After Burner cabinet and a Jet Set Radio slot machine. :)

Raphiel said...

Imagine all the plushies you could place in that machine. :D