Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sonic NBA Jam!

a plaid couch doesn't make for a great backdrop
I'd like to say that I have a nostalgic tale to tell about the above t-shirt, but truthfully I recently bought it in an eBay impulse buy. Now usually I try not to go for stuff like children's clothing and plushies, mainly because I have to retain a shred of manliness. However this shirt is an exception. Why? Read more to find out!

That's why! While this shirt may not have come from my childhood, I have very fond memories of cartoon character shirts with a front and back image. I recall owning both a b baller Looney Tunes shirt and a Snoopy Joe Cool shirt in this style. Must have been a 1994 thing, because I rarely see shirts like this now.

The other reason why I picked this up is that it is a rather unique piece of art. In the world of 90's Sonic items, original art for a single product was hard to come by. Even when you DID find something original, it often was badly drawn. Outside of this shirt, I have never seen these images. The seller was also kind enough to include a bonus item, which in my opinion eclipsed the shirt. Check it out:

A way cool Sonic and Knuckles watch! The hands are made of gold (I'll assume it isn't real gold) and feature a ring as the minute hand. Were the watch to have working batteries, Sonic and Knuckles would tick around the face every second.

The watch fits comfortably around my wrist, the shirt on the other hand is a bit snug...


I'mNotADoctor said...

"about the above t-shit" - That's a typo, right? :P

Barry the Nomad said...

Just testing to see if anybody still reads the posts here ;)