Friday, 24 December 2010

Oh christ, another Sonic staute from First4Figures..

First4Figures have just revealed on facebook that they have another large Sonic statue in the works which will be ready for pre-order on the 28th of December, and it's none other than Metal Sonic, with glowing eyes! We haven't seen what level the stand will be based on, Now hold on guys, what about the Super Sonic? They still haven't even charged me for it yet let alone sent it out. The wait is becoming unbearable. With that in mind expect this new statue to be shipped out by 2015. Maybe.

These things cost so much, but really: if I was only allowed to own a few pieces of Sonic merchandise, a set of these statues would be them. Plus Metal Sonic is personally my all time favorite character from the series so resisting this will be very difficult. My poor wallet!


Barry the Nomad said...

Oh man, Gagaman! I'm with you on this one. Metal is my favorite too (aside from the Sonic 2 design of Sonic). Haven't gotten into the statues, but this is the one I would get had I the cash. Perhaps I'll take the plunge in 2011!

Anonymous said...

I resisted so hard from getting these statues but I caved in October as the Sonic statue began to sell out. I need to have Super Sonic in my hands soon! I agree with you. If $$ should be spent on any Sonic merchandise, these really are the cream of the crop. I can't wait.

ZikZak said...

So great ! My favourite vilain !
It will certainly cost a lost like the exclusive Supersonic but this time I'll purchase it.
I already own different version of MetalSonic: the SD, the giant Toys'r'us and the one from the last 6-pack.

wooden gates said...

The best time ever! Nice !