Monday, 6 December 2010

Sonic Colours Pre-Order Figure...with Wisps!

If you are reading this blog, own a Wii and have not played Sonic Colours yet, why are you reading this blog? Go grab this game because it's actually rather good. Not even just rather good but rather brilliant. I know, I was shocked too. I haven't enjoyed a Sonic game this much from beginning to end since probably Sonic & Knuckles, and somehow even the writing and voice acting is light years ahead of "Watch out you're going to crash ahh!" of the Dreamcast days. Blimey.

As many may recall there was a pre-order bonus for this game in America was that now infamous Sonic hat (so much so that there was a whole ice rink of Sonic mad hatters tripping about for the games' launch), but elsewhere in the world we got this figure (above) instead. In Australia and possible some other countries the game came in a special edition box of the game with the figure, but here in the UK it was given in a little bag stapled together by some cardboard and was only available from the catalog store Argos. More after the bump..
Argos have also been selling the figure separately for £15, and I presume because of this the figures were not in stock until a week after the game release. Still, I did get the figure in the end, and for what is technically a freebie with the game it's not too bad, though there have been better Sonic figures recently.

 It's very similar to many of the Jazware figures with articulation in a lot of the same places, but it has chunkier arms, huge hands, slightly odd looking pupils and no mouth.

The hands also have little holes in them. All this is so the figure can hold the Wisp toys that come with it. You get a orange (ROCKET!), Cyan (LAZER!) and white (erm...boost?) wisp so one of the toys has to be a loner from Sonics' grasp. I tend to just balance the Cyan wisp on Sonics' head, that seems to do the trick.

 Not much to say about the wisp toys: the characters are simple so there was no way they were going to mess these up. They look enough like them so they do their job. It kinda makes me wish there was a set of the rest of the wisps now mind, especially that cube one. Still, these are the first lumps of plastic based on these characters so who knows maybe we'll see more in the future.
And finally just for comparison here it is next to the Black Knight toy and the regular 3" Sonic (or rather the one that came with the All-Stars Racing car), as height wise it stands somewhere between them. he stands a lot better than the Black Knight toy and it's lanky legs despite having the weight of the wisps in it's hands.

So I'm not sure if I'd say it's worth the £15 asking price on its own but included with the game it's a nice addition to the over abundance of blue hedgehogs gathering dust on my shelves, especially when said game was such a pleasant surprise. They even found a way to make the underwater levels FUN. What is this witchcraft Sonic Team have been dabbling in?


Barry the Nomad said...

Cool figure Gagaman! Great pack-in bonus and I like how he can hold the Wisps.

Here's a look at the US version, sold in stores (not mine, photo is from a member of the Sonic Stadium):

It's just the standard Sonic figure (available for the past few years) and they threw in two Wisps. Not even new hands.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Oh yeah, that's clearly not the same toy. It has a different wisp with it and the white wisp looks different to the one with this too, though. Wouldn't mind a pack with all the wisps in, but no sonic.