Saturday, 18 September 2010

Toys"R"Us Shows Sonic & SEGA Some Love

I felt like a kid in some kind of store!
Just as things were looking grim for Sonic and SEGA at my local Toys"R"Us, a recent visit brought with it a surprising number of new items! Last month I checked in on the video game figures aisle only to find that Sonic had been relegated to a foot length of shelving, with the only toys available being Knuckles in an ATV and a dozen werehogs. But enough about the sad past, the Sonic and SEGA section is bumping! Let's check out what is new in the world of figures and take a closer look at what I bought!

First up is the Vector and Espio comic 2-pack! While I didn't pick this one up, it is a real cool package. The Vector is spot on, and Espio is very detailed. I had to abstain from this one just because if I did get it, I'd be opening the door for even more figures. I have enough collecting addictions as it is, so I've told myself I am only allowed to buy the following Sonic figures: personal favorites Eggman and Metal Sonic, classic sculpts of the original Genesis cast, quality sculpts of modern Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and non-Sonic characters from the Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing line.

Oh heck, I know in a week I'll be picking this 2-pack up. It's too cool to avoid!

Next up is the Super 3-pack! This is a very cool pack, with the super forms of the main three hedgehogs as well as seven emeralds. Super Sonic is awesome, however the inclusion of Shadow and Silver caused me to not pick this one up. I just can't see them standing in my limited display space, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing single figures of the three in the near future. Still, if you like Shadow and Silver as well and collect the 3.5 inch line, this is a must buy. Note: nerds such as myself and those at The Sonic Stadium forums noticed that the emeralds are incorrectly colored. For shame, Jazwares!

Here is something I DID buy, the SASASR figure 4-pack! There are so many awesome elements to this set, the first being the inclusion of Beat. How often does Jet Set Radio get a figure? Well I can tell you right now: two times. Once as a figure from Joyride studios and the second time in this set. There is also a very cool JSRF Hot Wheels car however no figure is included, it's just a detailed car. The second awesome element is the box itself, emulating the Seaside Hill track found in the game. While I'll admit, I only bought the set because it is the only way to obtain Beat, the other three figures are equally cool.

Eggman is riding in his converted Egg-O-Matic monster truck, appropriately called the "Egg Monster". This is my favorite of the set, simply because it is so rare for Sonic's arch rival to receive his own figure.

Tails is riding in his Tornado Racer. The detail of the face, especially the eyes, is great considering how tiny the figure is.

Sonic's face suffers a bit as his nose is not entirely painted, making it look like Sonic has a goofy Simpsons-style nose. I checked out all five copies that TRU had in stock and all five looked the same. Oh well, at least his car looks cool.

Here's a closer look at Beat. Yeah, he looks rather wonky but then again for the size of the figure it looks quite good when not held under a magnifying glass.

Check out the sweet JSRF logo on the hood of the car. The car itself is known as the "De La Custom GGs". Did I mention I love Jet Set Radio?

The second and final figure I picked up was a single package of Amigo in his Sun Buggy. I honestly think this is the first time Amigo has received his own action figure! There may be some rare plushies out there from Japan, but this must be the first figure.

Like Tails, the face is surprisingly detailed. He has his eyes, little nose and trademark toothy smile. I still wonder why his car is number 38. I also wonder how a monkey learned to drive. In addition to Amigo, the store also had Aiai, Amy and Shadow in single packs. I didn't pick those up, but I have a feeling those will be hanging on the pegs for a while.

On my way out of the store I passed this SASASR Sonic in remote controlled car. Pretty cool item! If only it shot spring loaded boxing gloves.

While that concludes my visit to Toys"R"Us, upon arriving home I found a tiny envelope that had come in the mail. Inside was a tiny plush Wisp I had won in a giveaway at The Sonic Stadium. I'll allow 10" Sonic to show it to you.


Ricky Earl said...

I'd love to know which Toys R US this was! my local one on Old Kent Road HAD NOTHING

Mark said...

So after viewing this post I ran out to my local TRU to see if they had the Vector and Espio comic pack... they didn't, but they had everything else! I picked up the RC car, the Super Sonic 3 pack and the 4 race pack. Love them! I'm glad Sonic is being recognized again! I was especially excited to see Vector and Espio, can't wait to get those!

Barry the Nomad said...

I picked the Espio/Vector pack a few days ago. Very nice sculpts. They look way better than the first two series of figures. Vector looks especially great. I'll probably feature them at some point in an article, however I want to get back to older merch and non-Sonic SEGA things. :)

Anonymous said...

They have a 10 inch Sonic out now, he goes great the Metal Sonic and makes a great display piece. I'm rather fond of the Unleashed model of Sonic and this figure is a near perfect recreation of it.

Mark said...

Just stopped by my local TRU, they have new Big the Cat and Froggy double pack, packaged like the Robotnik and Metal Sonic. I was surprised on how BIG, Big is! 14.99, awesome deal for the two! They also had a remote control Knuckles like the Sonic from Sega Sonic Allstar Racing and a new portable Sonic CD/Mp3 player! Check em out!