Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sonic and the most uncomfortable bike ever (and other hot wheels toys)

Title almost sounds like the next Wii exclusive Sonic game.

Man, I have truck loads of sonic junk that is stored in the loft that I have never got around to posting about, best at least have a go at showing some of it.

So let's start off with this one off oddity of a toy. Hot Wheels did this set of 'Crash & Smash' toys and amongst the Sewer Sharks and whatever other franchises represented was this Sonic figure on a motorbike. More after the jump..

For those interested in the back of the box and what the other toys were (probably nobody).

I have two of these toys, one boxed up all new because I'm sad like that and one not which is a little bit wreaked from *shock* being played as a toy when I was a kid. They were bought back when they were released sometime in...1995, I think? All I can remember is being surprised finding this in a shop as it was a little while after everyone had moved on from making Sonic toys. Time for some photos!

It's a rather angry attitude-y looking Sonic holding two rings (and the arms can rotate for some reason) and the motorbike has a seat that can spring up to launch the poor hedgehog flying as well as a road the bike clips to that you can pull it back and shoot forward. This thing chucks itself across the room bloody fast, so at it's definitely Sonic fast. In fact the only way I could show you how fast it is I took a quick video.

..and while we're at it here's another vid of Sonic being flung back into the loft box of doom (hitting the mug in there by the sounds of it) via the seat chucking button which just so happens to be the front wheel. Good times!

While we're having a good chuckle at the hogs' misery: just have a look at how the Sonic sits on the bike..

..via a rather nasty and deep looking butt plug. Ouch.

I've also got photos of a much more recent and non-Sonic related set of Hot Wheels cars, released around 2002 when Sega was making that at-first-very-promising-but-still-heart-breaking move to making games for every console out there. These are standard hot Wheels cars except for one obvious motif: they have sega games scribbled all over them!

To be exact the set of five features Shinobi (the PS2 game), Space Channel 5, Super Monkey Ball, The House of the Dead III and Jet Set Radio Future. Rather spiffy! I thought I had the Shinobi one but I seem to have mis placed it. These pop up on ebay from time to time and can be picked up quite cheap. The older Sonic toy however is a bit more elusive though.

EDIT: Found the Shinobi one, so here's a photo of it!


Clarky Cat said...

The blog is looking sweet guys. Keep up the good work.

Barry the Nomad said...

Yup! I still have my Sonic motorcycle figure and launcher from back in the day. It was so out of place to see Sonic on a motorcycle back then, yet nowadays I don't bat an eye at it with Shadow doing the same thing.

Also, the JSRF car was a favorite of mine. This reminds me, I have a "watched auction" of all the cars that I need to get to buying. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I think I still have this sonic toy from when I was a little kid. I'm pretty sure his bike and launcher are long lost though. I wonder if I'll be able to find a new one somewhere.