Sunday, 18 April 2010

This Crazy Taxi is Huuuuge!

Apologizes for being so lax in posting lately in general for that matter, especially to Barry who has been keeping this blog alive all on his own for quite a while! I have quite the backlog of things to snap photos of and write dribble about! For example, this rather beefy Sega toy I picked up about a month ago..

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When I heard about this remote controlled Crazy Taxi a few years back I just had to hunt it down. Every time I've spotted one however they have been located in America and would cost the average Crazy taxi fare (read: lotsa money) to ship over. Finally though one popped up that was located on the same lump of land and I managed to get it for the starting bid which was a bonus. It wasn't the cheapest purchase in the world but for what it is I'd say it was worth it.

It was brand new in it's box, which meant I had to fart about with those wire things they curl and wrap around every inch of the toy to get it out and have a good look at it. But first off here's a look at the box waffle. Most remote controlled car toys like this simply go back and forth, left and right (at least from my limited experience) but this one supposedly does all sorts of KER-RAZY stuff like flips and cornering on two wheels, ooh!

I say supposedly because I still haven't actually taken this thing for a spin yet and that's because it requires a 6 Volt NiCd battery which I have yet to go out and find. I reckon they've missed a trick by not modeling the controller on the Dreamcast controller though I think this cab was a bit too late for that fare: it's copyrighted 2003 so long after the DC was off the market. Probably made to promote the many ports to other consoles, but moving on here's what it's like out of the packaging.

As the title gives away, this taxi is a beast! For comparison I stuck the other Crazy Taxi toy I own (of the same character and cab, none the less) beside it though I guess I could of put the game beside it for a better size judgment, oh well! It's not necessarily heavy but quite a decent build, though I'm not sure how much bashing about it could take.

The attention to detail in places is rather neat. Axel actually has a sort of dolls' shirt dressed onto him and they haven't forgot his '1N0M155' license plate out. The taxi even has some suspension in it's wheels so it can tilt to the sides, and the passenger at the back wobbles about with it.

It's always nice to see some Sega toys that are not based on the blue hog once in a while, and Crazy Taxi is one of the only games i recall playing so much it actually gave me blisters (though that could be something to do with the Dreamcast analog stick) so I'm glad I picked this up though it really is one of the biggest toys I own so it certainly has a presence, currently sitting atop my Mega Drive stand.

I've actually bought another smaller Crazy taxi toy since, one of the second games' character Angel, so now I'm only short of one of the cabs (a Crazy taxi 3 one) which someone outbid me on just the other day, haha.

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Barry the Nomad said...

Very cool! If this was an ebay find, I think I remember seeing that auction. Congrats! Here's hoping for a Crrraaaazy video of you driving it about.