Friday, 3 September 2010

Eggman Takes Revenge

My ugly plaid couch makes the perfect backdrop
Just when I thought Jazwares gave me all the figures I could need, they reeled me back in with the awesome 2-pack titled "Dr. Eggman's Revenge". Included in the pack are Eggman (obviously) and some sort of robotic Sonic made of metal. How do these figures stack up? More after the jump! Or "more after the homing attack", depends on your preference.

A part of the ever expanding 3" Jazwares line, Eggman and Metal are exclusive to this 2-pack. Previously, Metal was available in an Amy Rose comic book pack but the figures were pulled from shelves after it was found that Metal had flimsy limbs that were prone to breaking. From what I've read, this Metal is much improved and sports a slightly different blue finish which matches the 10" figure.

The package itself is very cool, sporting a cardboard constructed scene of Metal floating in a tank that looks a lot like his cameo in Sonic Adventure. Unfortunately for me, my Metal slipped forward a bit in shipping so the scene was hindered by what appeared to be Metal making a little bow. Or maybe he had fallen asleep.

Look familiar?
After a few quick cuts of my packaging knife, Eggman and Metal were free. I think I yanked the figures out a bit too hard, as Eggman's nose and mustache popped off! I'd post a photo of what he looked like, but it was honestly too disturbing. After putting a piece of Ticky Tack into Eggman's face hole, I was able to get him back to normal.

Family photo
The packaging touts "over 12 points of articulation", and thay weren't kidding! Every little piece of Metal moves, even his wrists! However, seeing as they are smaller than the tip of a pencil, I think I'll take it easy on posing him too much. Don't want what happened to my Werehog to happen to Metal (full arm dismemberment). Overall, these are some awesome figures! The character combo is genious, the articulation is well done and the packaging is very creative. If you can find these for their retail price of $12.99, pick them up!

Bonus photos:

Metal and Child
"Run away!"
"Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Wes Weasley!"


The GagaMan(n) said...

Ooh they're quite cheap, not sure if this set is coming out here any time soon (it might now that Tomy is starting to sell the Jazwares stuff here) but I wouldn't mind a Robotnik (they never make enough stuff of him) and yet another metal! :P

Arun said...

Wow, Metal Sonic's really been getting a lot of love from toy makers this year. I hope this means SEGA's got some big plans to reintroduce the character into the new mainstream titles coming out (Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors).

The sculpts on these are really quite nice, and I'm rather surprised by the price tag; I might actually consider picking this set up at some point.