Friday, 27 August 2010

Four Big Hedgehog Photos

 While sorting through my iPhoto library I came across four photos of moments in which I saw big Sonic the Hedgehogs. Rather than let these photos collect digital dust I thought I'd post them here and write some words inbetween each photo to, ya' know, make it look like an article. Nullam sapien eros, facilisis vel, eleifend non, auctor dapibus, pede.

The first of these is a totally unofficial Sonic rip-off painted on the side of a bus in the Ayutthaya Kingdom, Thailand. I spotted it during a very awesome and life changing college trip to Southeast Asia. Being the geek that I was, I was hoping that being in an Asian country would mean I'd see some SEGA stuff. Unfortunately all I saw was this tour bus. Oh well, at least I met my girlfriend on the trip!

The second photo is of the storefront of my once favorite video game store in Minneapolis. This store was great! They had an entire wall devoted to unopened SEGA games and consoles. It was like stepping back in time. And the prices were even reasonable! It was here that I bought a majority of my Saturn games. Sadly the store closed and I snapped a photo of the Sonic they had in their window.

Finally we have a photo of the still-in-business Video Games New York. I wrote about this a few times over at the Junkyards. Cool place, high prices and they have a large official Sonic in their window.

Have you seen large Sonics? Send us your links in the comments below!


Retro Junkyard said...

Wanted to say congrats guys! I saw you guys in retro gamer magazine here in the US! If you look at the Volume 4 collectors edition there is an article about the Mega-cd. It list good sega sites on the one page and your guys blog is on there! Thoguht that was pretty cool!

Barry the Nomad said...

Awesome! I'll have to look for that!

Romano Arcuri said...

That's what i'm talking about! That's my game!