Wednesday, 11 August 2010

SOS '10: The Merchindise in the Glass Box!

Just like last year there was a 'No Merch Zone' present, which consists of a large glass cabinet of Sonic related treasures. There was some of the same stuff from last year but mostly completely new stuff, so here's a bunch of photos. Apologies the photos are not quite so good this time but you'll get the idea. Check them out after the jump..

The whole top shelf was dedicated to First4Figures amazing range of classic-style Sonic figures and the two statues. This included all six of the 3" toys in and out of a box set. The Metal Sonic as you all know was given away on the day and the Amy Rose and Super Sonic are on sale soon! Speaking of Super Sonic..

..he wonderful upcoming Super Sonic statue was there! It was the limited edition one with the light-up sparks on his feet too, which even flicker as if he is rocketing about! 

The statue actually looks a lot taller than the Sonic one: this is because the base is taller and also because even though Super is the same scale as the other Sonic, he is on his tippy toes! You just KNOW I need one of these now!

The second shelf had that Metal Sonic comic con exclusive again,as well as that Sonic & Knuckles jacket again (I still bet it's one i got outbid on too!). They also had a plush toy of Bokkun from Sonic X which I haven't seen before, and oh look something I actually own: the 2nd Sonic Annual. I suspect they're not rare in slightest mind.

Now here's an oddity and I'm not really sure if it can be considered a collectable or not unless you consider artwork by a Internet celebrity collectable. These are sketches of Sonic drawn by 'That Guy with the Glassies' for a video he did about Sonic which I'll link to later.It even had a document confirming that is officialy by him...ok. There was also some pre-order bonus toy sword from Black Knight.

Finally they had a soundtrack album for SegaSonic the Arcade game of all things, and Knuckles Chaotix for the 32X which belive it or not is a stupidly hard to find and expensive game now a days, probably because no one bought a 32X back in the day. Now I actually own a 32X I would like to find a copy of that..

3rd shelf down and we have a Japanese copy of Sega Superstars on PS2 (for some reason, I didn't really look at it), the signed Sonic Heroes from last year, an issue of Mean Machines Sega featuring Sonic CD, that signed Secret Rings art again, and the two CoroCoro manga books, which look kind of hideous to be honest. 
Onto the third shelf down and it was filled with clothing and plush toys including that Sonic 2 patch I have memories of for both owning the big blue jacket with it on and also for winning one of them from Sonic the Comic for sending in drawings I did (that were not published in the comic like that other one that won me a watch). I also have that Rivals hat, which I got when someone at a bootsale had a whole job lot of Sonic promo goodies.

The plushes consisted of Chao's (inlcuing a NiGHTS one) and two of the imfamously rare Nack/Fang ones from when Sonic the Fighters was released. There was a guy last year carrying one of thee about in his bag, I wonder if it's his. t's so collectable that sadly there have been bootlegs of this toy on Ebay from time to time.

own the bottom shelf they had sketches and character art from Sonic X, and I think these are different to the ones they showed last year. Just above these is that Sonic 15th Anniversary statue, and the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle figures (I have the grey one they had in the middle and that statue yay). They also had some stuff related to the Shadow game in the other corner but to be honest the photo for those came out rubbish and none it it was all that interesting to me anyway.

So that's your lot for this year! As always, I attempted to steal it to no avail..


Hairyman said...

If you track down an American Genesis and 32X you'll find that Chaotix is a lot cheaper to buy from the US. I have no idea why it's so bloody expensive from Europe and Japan (although if you get a chance to go to Japan it can be bought at a decent price).

Barry the Nomad said...

Ah the big Sonic statues... only a shared apartment girlfriend and a budget stand between us. Little figures? No problem, I can hide those. But 12 inch tall electric yellow hedgehogs? No way! :(

However I do have a few items I recently scored off ebay that I'll be showing here soon. :)

16-Bit Fan said...

Nooo!! Why doesn't America get this stuff? I know where to get the 12" statues online but I've been looking for those 3" figures and cannot find them anywhere. :'-(

phone search said...

Wow, now that's a SEGA fan. I miss the games so much.