Thursday, 8 July 2010

Classic Amy and co, all the way back from Vegas..

So my parents were in Las Vegas last month and visited the Gameworks arcade while there. Recently there was news that about half of these places were being shut down, but this is apparently not one of them, in fact they were building more stuff for it including a Sonic themed kids area. Alreday there was a Sega Shop full of Sonic goodies, they snapped a couple pics of the display (see above) Hit the jump for more...

They brought me back a couple bits including the Sonic & Knuckles all-star racing cars as well as three new plush toys of the classic kind that I've only previously seen on the odd Ebay auction. I take it these are only sold in the U.S at the moment, and for the most part they're rather nice.

Most importantly there was a Amy Rose amongst them. Excluding the old mega-expensive Japanese toys this is the first time Amy in her Sonic CD look has been released in plush form. If anything this looks better than the Sonic the Fighters Japanese ones and would cost you a whole lot less. It's a very good likeness and probably the best of the three I got. You can't see her in the display photos because they only had the one left there, though I doubt these are 'ULTRA RARE!!1!' by any means.

A few more close ups of the Amy plush just because. All round very solid and on model toy so if you're after an Amy you will probably wanna hunt this one down. 

The Sonic is also pretty good. His trademark wagging hand is stitched onto his head so it stays upright which works for the pose I suppose. It does the job, nothing wrong with it but nothing amazing either. To be fair calling a Sonic plush toy 'amazing' would maybe be a bit sad mind.

Finally here's Knuckles. This one is merely ok, but his head is so huge and bulged out it looks a bit deformed, maybe it's because the facial features are huge. In fact I think I saw a toy identical to this once but with the purple eyes he has in the new games. It's not terrible but compared to the other two it's a bit wonky and lumpy. The Impact Innovations produced Knuckles from a couple years ago is a lot better. There was also a tails amongst them which looks ok (see photo at top of article).


Barry the Nomad said...

Cool pics! I've seen that Amy plush at a few local stores but have yet to pick it up (mostly due to being embarrassed buying a pink plush). I love the Sonic CD design, here's hoping we get a series 2 vinyl toy of her.

As for GameWorks, there are only 6-7 left. The one in my hometown closed, so I'm glad to see that some are still kicking and expanding.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I have that Amy plush! I got it from FYE in some mall. It was weird how there was a classic Amy among the modern Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, etc... And I also have a Jazwares Sonic plush! (Not buying GE Sonic or Jazwares Classic Amy.)