Sunday, 4 July 2010

More of my Sonic collection!

Another trip to my parents house meant another chance to rummage through boxes for more of my Sonic collection! Just like last time, it's a whole assortment of goodies from the early 90's through to today. Let's look, shall we?

Above you can see a collection of bubble gum containers. Sonic, in his classic pose, pops off the back of his head to reveal... nothing! He used to hold a bunch of little Chiclet-like bubble gum pieces, but I chewed those up years ago. The Game Gear bubble gum cases are very cool. Inside each container was a few sheets of pink gum (long gone) as well as an assortment of Game Gear and Genesis tricks and tips cards. From what I can tell, there were three sets: two collections of Game Gear tips and one collection of Sonic 3 and Knuckles tips.

More stuff after the break!
Next up are a bunch of pencil toppers, no clue where I got these but they're from 1993. The set contained 8 different toppers and I managed to find 6. My favorite would have to be Robotnik, and with three of them I won't feel bad using one. In the middle are two Sonic pogs featuring Sonic and Boba F- I mean, Fang aka Nack. What ever happened to that weasel?

This goofy thing was given to me by a friend who took a trip to Japan. It is exactly what it looks like: an inflatable Sonic head that you wear on your wrist. Only in Japan!

Inside the head in a jingle bell. I guess one could play Christmas carols while shaking Sonic's jingle-head. Spindashing through the snow, in Eggman's open sleigh!

Sonic was a popular McDonald's Happy Meal star! Between '93 and '04, Sonic appeared in four Happy Meal collections. The first of these was a promotion for Sonic 3. The Robotnik wind-up had a variant of the Eggman design for Japan. This variant can be seen in the Sonic 10th Birthday booklet. The TV in the back, featuring a Genesis atop it, was in an end of the year collection commemorating all the Happy Meals of the year. The pieces combined to become a train. Of course I only picked up the Sonic car. The screen spins to reveal Tails and an Asterix-style Robotnik.

Sonic's next Happy Meal appearance was in this 2003 set. The set included simple LCD mini-games featuring SEGA characters. There was a Monkey Ball one as well, but I failed to pick that up. Guess I wasn't an Aiai fan back then.

In 2004 Sonic returned with more LCD mini-games. These were a bit more fun and had leanings towards sports. Shadow played hockey years before the Winter Olympic Games.

This assortment includes the Hot Wheels Crash & Smash, as Gagaman detailed a few months back. I have no idea where or when I got the Sonic patch, I don't even know if it's official, but it looks pretty cool.

The blue and gold skateboarding Sonic figures are said to be the first Sonic figures ever released (whether that is to the world or just America is unknown to me). The figures were given away in boxes of Cookie Crisp back in 1991, the same year the first game was released, so these could very well be the first figures.

The watch was both a cereal promotion as well as a part of a line of watches that I wrote about not too long ago. I'd still wear it if my wrists weren't too big. The final piece of the above photo, the pin, was won in a 10th Anniversary contest held by the website SEGAdojo. I had created a Sonic Adventure 2 commercial for the chance to win something much cooler than a pin. Still, it's a nice consolation prize and goes well with the Birthday box.

Four items to go, stay with me! These Tiger handhelds are poor representations of Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic 2. If you have ever played a Tiger game, you know that they have about 5 minutes of fun in them before you regret buying the thing. Despite that, Sonic 2 is quite fun in that you play Oil Ocean Zone the entire time and can even go through loops. Also, the Japanese art of Sonic and Tails is very cool. 3D Blast is from the Pocket Arcade line, which I plan to detail next week. If you thought NiGHTS was a great game, wait til you see it get butchered by the wizards from Tiger Electronics!

Why buy five Sonic X cars individually when you can get them all at once? This set is not as cool as the Hot Wheels SEGA set, but the idea of an Eggman pedovan makes me laugh.

Speaking of Eggman, lookie what I have:

An autograph of Mike Pollock, the current voice of Eggman! Coupled with my Milton Knight Robotnik painting and AoStH Robotnik cel, I've got quite a good Eggman collection going. I didn't meet Mike, instead I received this free autograph via his website. Do you want one? Request one here! Tell Mike that SEGA Memories says "Hello!".

That's all the Sonic items I have to show off for now! Hopefully I'll find more, including my old Sonic Genesis strategy guides and my Sonic the Hedgehog 2 plush toys. Until then, stay cool!


The GagaMan(n) said...

A lot of interesting bits and bobs I haven't seen before there. I have one of those bubble gum sonic's knocking about but he's missing his nose.

The Tails toy in the McDonald's set was quite a bit different over here. It had the same Flat Tails piece but had a completely different base (sort of UFO like), different tails and had a long key thing you pulled through the base instead of that pull string.

Haha, who would ever want a car with Sonic X's Chris on it? Or anything of him for that matter? NO ONE likes him, not even the batshit young'uns who love Sliver and Wave.

Barry the Nomad said...

Yeah, the Tails toy was claimed to be dangerous for kids and it was recalled halfway through the promotion. Sounds like the UK version was changed to be safer.

Ha! Yeah, and Chris merchandise makes me LOL.

The GagaMan(n) said...

There is also a Japanese version of this set which lacks a Tails toy at all, and the Robotnik has his Japanese design instead. I only know this because we used to collect McDonalds toys and we had a book that showed it.