Monday, 28 June 2010

French commercials! Why not?

Remember ages back when we showed you a European commercial that made the game Gear look as though it ran Mega Drive games? Well this commercial from France isn't quite in that leauge of false advertising but it's still a blatant lie. The ad is for Sonic Complication and features footage of Sonic 1, 2 and 3. Sonic 3 wasn't on this cart at all, it had Robotniks Mean Bean Machine as it's third game. Yeesh. The commercial uses clips from that 'Sonic the Ride' animation most of us saw for the first time on Sonic Jam, a collection that did have Sonic 3. Man there's been so many Sonic collections now it's hard to keep up.

Let's rewind a little to this commercial from France for Sonic 1. There's a few of these ads with some biker punk straight out of Fist of the North Star getting pummeled by random things (here's one for Moonwalker, and another for Revenge of Shinobi), but this one is most notable for the I presume beta footage of the game with some very odd differences like the first boss having a spinning red ball and a spring shooting out really far. I'm sure Sonic Retro already analyzed the hell out of this footage but for those who haven't seen it before it sure is bizarre.

I suspect both the previous and this slightly later campaign cost Sega Europe a lot of money, what with all the explosions and special effects. This one above kind of reminds me of the pretentious Sega launch ad we had in the UK, only this is for the Terminator and looks like it almost cost as much as the movie itself to make. Here's a similar one for that crappy Indiana Jones game, and another for Super Monaco GP.Throw tons of money into a commercial = make tons of money! That's the 90's Sega way! Didn't that tactic work out well? :S

Finally here's an ad of a doll being crushed by a over priced pointless pain to set up mushroom shaped lump called a Sega 32X. Oh, and the slogan for all these commercials translates out to 'Sega is stronger than you'. Probably because every commercial involves the player getting his arse kicked. I guess it's still not as obnoxious as the pissing contest Sega had against Nintendo in America..

Did i mention I just picked up a 32X recently, a well as a Pico? Oh wait, I've been a lazy bum and have been letting Barry do all the work around here recently, haven't I? :E


Barry the Nomad said...

I've never seen that Sonic beta footage before! The spinning ball looks pretty awesome. Also, that Terminator ad looked ridiculously expensive.

Awesome on the 32X and Pico! I hope they function! I found my Pico over the weekend and the pen was busted. I did, however, find my copy of Sonic's Gameworld and hope to get a working Pico someday. They go for $20 over here, so it shouldn't be too big a deal. Hard part is explaining to my girlfriend why I have a preschool toy. :P

The GagaMan(n) said...

Man you found Sonic gameworld? That one didn't come out over here yet the Pico is region free, so if you find a second copy send it over! :D

My Pico for the most part works (though theres a bit of a dead zone in a small area of the tablet board) and the 32X, after finding a tutorial on how to fix it, works fine.

ZikZak said...

These advertisements were so good back then.
Well, actually they are still good.

Ever heard of 'Canal Sega' ? This video costed a lot more to Sega Europe.