Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sonic Generations Press Pack

There has just been so much Generations merch to cover! Not only is there not one but soon to be two different collectors editions (as Barry's article of the newly revealed Japanese edition shows) but there is also a press pack floating about that only a select few lucky people have, including Diogo Miguel who is guest writing this article!

It's been twenty years since Sonic first stepped into the limelight of gaming. Not many video-games characters can claim to be around this long so it's not a surprise that Sega has decided to celebrate in style. Everyone know about the ultra rare collector's edition that Sonic generations has been treated to. But there's also been a limited number of shoe boxes containing promotional items for the game.

Hit the jump for more on this shoe box of goodness!

One of the more unique items inside the shoebox is a Image3D device. This device makes it possible to view a slide-show of images in 3D. Those old enough will fondly remember this item to be very popular back in the nineties. Obviously Sonic was at the top of his game back then so it makes sense to connect him to another retro item. The slide-show show a time-line of Sonic's key games from the original Sonic the Hedgehog and right up to Sonic Generations.

The DVD might seem like it contains music from the game and other media. But it actually consists of media assets such as images that are meant to help members of the press. The cover art though is very nice with different promotional images of Sonic on both sides.

Hiding behind the DVD case is a special booklet that showcases some of the Sonic history and key facts about the new Sonic Generation games. The side with Sonic history has concept art from the Sonic games and uncovers some new facts about Sonic.

The final item in the box is a pin with the twentieth logo design on it. Overall it is a really nice collection of items that any Sonic fan would be proud to own.

An additional item which is not in the shoebox is the promotional Sonic Generations t-shirt. This t-shirt comes in a Mega Drive box. What is so unique about it is that even the artwork for it is based around the original Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Drive box.

Thanks Diogo! Love that Mega Drive box with the t-shirt in, and apparently some HMV stores were giving that part of this set away with copies of the game in very limited 9and un-advertised) quantities. Don't forget if you want to be a guest writer get in touch!


Barry the Nomad said...

Wow. Sonic Generations has to be the SEGA game with the most special editions ever! We haven't covered it yet, but there is a blue tin box out there too as well as a bonus DVD case in Korea which has the DVD and soundtrack from the Euro release.

Promotional Product Suppliers said...

Great nice DVD of SEGA game

Anonymous said...

what would the t-shirt cartridge be worth if you sold it?