Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sonic Generations Art Show in Philadelphia from December 2nd!

Wow, Sega have been really pulling out the stocks for Sonic 20th anniversary. As far as events in America go, there was the Generations of Skate, the one-day Sonic themed playground build, and most recently Sonic returning in balloon form to Macy's Day Parade. Before the year is over there is yet one more event to check out!
From December 2nd onwards till the end of the month in Philadelphia, PA there will be a Sonic Generations Art Show featuring unique paintings, illustrations and sculptures inspired by the blue rodent! While there have been video game art shows like I am 8-Bit before, there were normally focused on the likes of Mario, Pac Man and other 80s icons little to no Sonic inspired art, but now his getting a show all to himself!

There are more examples of the art that will be on display at the website, as well as an address to go hunt it down when it's on if you live near there. If anyone goes there please send us some photos and impressions!


Barry the Nomad said...

HA! Hey Gagaman, I live in Philly! So I'll totally check this out and take photos! It's only 9 minutes from my work :D

ScottyMoFoSho said...

So jealous! You should totally do some video coverage and claim to be a professional reporter and such!

Arun said...

Oh man... why must I live in Florida? I would love to be there.